Yandex Announces ADFOX Acquisition

As reported in the official Yandex Press Release, Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX), one of the largest European internet companies and the leading search provider in Russia, announces the acquisition of ADFOX advertising technology platform.

ADFOX was created in 2005 and provides services for planning, managing and analysing advertising campaigns on the internet, and allows its clients to place banners, mobile ads, videos and other popular formats. ADFOX currently serves more than 750 clients, including major publishers, agencies and direct advertisers. Every day, ADFOX serves more than a billion ads.

The ADFOX team will be joining the Yandex advertising technologies group, and will work with Yandex’s experts to further develop the ADFOX platform for large publishers.

“Yandex will continue to operate ADFOX platform under its current brand. The terms of service for existing clients will remain unchanged”, said Dmitry Popov, head of the Yandex Advertising Network. “Over time, ADFOX publisher clients will gain new capabilities, including ad targeting based on Yandex’s Crypta technology and revenue optimization through Yandex RTB and Yandex.Direct.”

“Yandex has enormous expertise in ad targeting, analytics and monetization,” said Nikita Pasynkov, COO of ADFOX. “We are excited to bring these new capabilities to our clients, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of their advertising inventory.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.