Russian search marketing is glad to update our readers on the latest Yandex advertising and SEO news since our last news blog. Towards the end of Q3, Yandex Direct announced several new updates to help advertisers in the Russian market.  The Yandex blog for webmasters announced one important piece of information regarding a new version of the API for webmasters. Stay tuned for more updates this quarter.


Yandex SEO News

Yandex API Webmaster 3.0: Last month Yandex announced the launch of the newest version of the API for webmasters. The new version will come with some updates for better analytics but still include all of the capabilities and features of the 2.0 software. Yandex is asking all webmasters to transition to the latest version before it shuts down the previous version.

Yandex Advertising News

Yandex.Direct & Synonyms: Yandex is rolling out an algorithm that will automatically show ads for queries containing synonyms of an advertiser’s keywords. The Yandex.Direct auction uses original keyword’s bid (e.g. “women’s shoes”) whose synonym (e.g. “ladies’ footwear”) matches the ad. Display statistics for synonyms appear as part of the original keyword from your campaign. synonyms

Two new reports for Yandex.Direct advertisers: Yandex.Direct offers these two new reports on search queries and additional keywords to help improve advertisers campaigns. Search query reports cover exact search queries that trigger ads, while additional keywords reports include keywords Yandex.Direct tools suggest for advertisers’ ads. Both the report for search queries and additional keywords can be viewed at the campaign level and at the account level.

yandex direct addtional keywords report

Feeds for Dynamic Ads: Yandex.Direct can now use YML files with product information to build dynamic ads. This helps advertisers manage their ads more easily and provide better product description that encourages conversions.

feeds for dynamics ads

New Yandex.Direct Image Ads: New Yandex.Direct image ads allow advertisers to place large images in Yandex.Direct with text, a logo, and a link to the landing page.

yandex direct image ads

New interface display for impression strategies: Yandex.Direct advertisers likely noticed a new design on the interface for impression strategies. Options remain the same, they are simply organized in a new way.


More Detailed Bid Corrections by target audience in Report Wizard: Report Wizard now features a new cross-section showing all the statistics for bid adjustments applied to target audiences.


Budget estimate tool updates: The budget estimate tool now provides separate estimates for mobile impressions, forecasts for weekly expenditures, and the option to choose the currency used in calculations. A new algorithm has also increase accuracy and uses stats for a selected period.