Yandex Advertising & SEO News Q3 2016

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring our readers yet another update on Yandex advertising and SEO news for Q3. We cover all new topics Yandex announced that are relevant to advertising on Yandex.Direct and Russian webmasters’ success in the Russian Internet market.

Below are the latest news announcements:

Yandex SEO News

New Yandex Webmaster site exits BETA testing: The Yandex webmaster site helps site owners with a number of uses to improve and check on their websites including:

  • Site diagnostic checks
  • Monitor key indicators connected to search results (impressions, conversions, CTR)
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Yandex SEO violations

yandex webmaster

Yandex search for online stores is now available: Yandex search for online stores creates a catalog search for goods based on YML files. Results appear based on relevance of cost, selection, and availability and include name, product description, photo, price, and product categories.

ru internet store search

Yandex.Video limits to HTTPS: Yandex.Video recently switched to HTTPS; sites that don’t support the protocol won’t be able to show their videos in Yandex.Video results.  Player must also be added.  Video search on mobile needs to be supported by HTML5.

yandex video player search

Yandex Advertising News

Launch of Yandex Audience: Yandex launched a new service that helps advertisers use first party data to segment their target audiences.  An advertiser can upload customer information to Yandex.Audience in the form of .txt or .cvs which can include email addresses, telephone numbers or device IDs.  The advertiser then receives anonymised IDs that identify their customers among visitors on Yandex’s pages and the YAN websites.

yandex custom audience

New Bid Adjustments: Yandex.Direct advertisers can now set separate bid adjustment for users who haven’t visited their website yet. This can be done by selecting a new bid adjustment option of “none fulfilled.”

Report Wizard Period 2.0 Comparison: After Report Wizard exited beta testing, Yandex launched a comparison option, helping advertisers compare data by their specified time periods.  Advertisers can filter the comparison results such as finding all campaigns where conversions grew by more than 3% while maintaining the same amount of clicks.

report wizard period comparison

Auto Delete of Unlaunched Yandex.Direct Campaigns:  Old drafts of Yandex.Direct ad campaigns will be automatically deleted. The new rule will only apply to campaigns that meet the following criteria:

  • Created more than a year ago;
  • No new funds were added to either the campaign account or the shared account linked to the campaign

Yandex.Metrica Customer Use Parameters: Now Yandex.Metrica can not only handle custom session parameters, but also advertisers’ own data about site users. This can be ownership of a loyalty card, last purchase date, or average spend. A total of 1 000 custom parameters per user is available per user.

Change in HTML5 Specs: Tech specs for HTML5 banners became more flexible – the use of Swiffy is no longer one of the main requirements.