Yandex Advertising News Updates Q1 2017

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the first Yandex advertising news update of 2017. The Yandex.Direct team has introduced several new features since the start of the New Year. These features aim to help the online advertising community reach their Russian audience through Yandex.Direct.  The newest features include cross platform integration with Yandex.Audience, ad Builder’s image library, marked ad groups for the “Rarely served”, and targeting by app category in Yandex.Direct. Read on for the latest developments!

Yandex Advertising News

Yandex.Direct Expands negative keywords: Advertisers can now add phrases 2-7 words in length to your campaigns and ad groups.

Changes to minimum payment amount in Yandex.Direct: Starting in march 2017, advertisers can expect the minimum amount for payments in Yandex.Direct to change to the following:  1000 RUB / 15 USD / 15 EUR (without VAT). These changes will only affect the minimum payment amount when adding funds to account balances — minimum CPC and weekly budgets will remain unchanged.

New Yandex.Audience segment allows cross-platform integration: Yandex added a new segment to Yandex.Audience for users who have already viewed display ads or banners. Advertisers can create a new pixel on Yandex.Audience and insert it into banners to then retarget on Yandex.Direct.

New Image library for Ad Builder: Image library now provides advertisers with a large selection of high quality images that work for all ad formats. Advertisers still have the option to crop the image to fit any interface.

“Rarely served” marking for ad groups: Advertisers can now use Yandex.Direct to modify their target audience settings to steer clear of limiting keywords or broader keywords that will result in higher traffic volumes of your target regions.  Yandex.Direct can help recommend changes to your settings to make the “Rarely served” a more active ad group again.

Targeting by app category in Yandex.Direct: Advertisers can now take advantage of the new type of targeting offered by Yandex.Direct, which aims to promote mobile apps in ad networks. Yandex is now offering a “Broad interests” option to increase interest around advertisers’ app with that other targeting types may have overlooked.

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