Yandex Advertising News Update Q4 2017

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the fourth Yandex advertising news update of 2017. The Yandex.Direct team has introduced several new features since the previous advertising news updates. These features aim to help the online advertising community reach their Russian audience through Yandex.Direct. The newest features include behavioral factors in search, Extended Ad Titles, informative ads in Yandex.Maps, drawing your own geosegments for hyperlocal targeting, and many more!

Behavioral Factors in search

Changes have been made to behavioral factors’ influence in Yandex.Direct. Latest data has already shown a 1.5% increase in target traffic on search results pages after this change. CTR forecast calculations now look at an individual user’s profile when determining which ads appear for specific impressions. This includes a user’s past search history, and any other ads they have clicked on.

Maximizing your ad texts in Yandex.Direct 

Advertisers can now use the Extended Ad Titles feature when focusing how to improve their ad’s effectiveness. Advertisers can now choose a second ad title from 35-80 characters long. This can increase an ad’s CTR by up to 5% on desktops, and up to 10% on mobile devices.

User interests bring 88% of conversions in ad networks

Behavioral targeting accounts for 84.6% of target clicks and 88% of conversions across all topics where it can be applied. This means that ads don’t only appear in response to user search queries, but also based on host sites’ content and the specific interests of the user.

Yandex.Direct and Yandex Business Directory: more attractive and informative ads in Yandex.Maps 

Yandex.Direct ads appearing in Yandex.Maps will now automatically feature photos, reviews, and ratings from the Yandex Business Directory. Yandex.Direct is able to supplement ads with additional information by comparing the ad’s vCard to the information about an organization in the Yandex Business Directory.

Twice more traffic and conversions for smart banners 

Smart banners for popular categories are more likely to increase the traffic significantly over the course of a few days. Yandex.Direct can now do even more with smart banners in your feed, including generating text and image ads for individual products.

Draw your own geosegments for hyperlocal targeting

You can now create geosegments in Yandex.Audience. You can create geosegments based on polygons to connect dots on the map and create a shape covering a specific area you want to target. Your ads will then appear to users located within the shape you drew.

Manual bid management: Daily budget for shared accounts

Advertisers are now able to set one daily budget limit and apply it to all their campaigns at the shared account level.

Testing ad impressions without keywords in search

With the new Autotargeting tool advertisers can now test their ad impressions without keywords in search. Autotargeting is a great tool for those new at Yandex.Direct, it makes it a lot easier to select keywords for contextual ads, and makes launching new campaigns quickly simple.

Generate ideas for Image Ads with Ad Builder

Ad Builder can now help generate ideas for image ads using just the web address of the site or page you want to advertise. Ad Builder will take into account the content of the site or page you give, and give you several ideas for you image ad.

New expanded format 

Learn about how to modify your campaign with the new expanded format to get higher click rates, and attract you desired audiences.

Yandex.Direct video extensions now in open beta 

Advertisers can now use Yandex.Direct to launch payment per click campaigns with traditional video ads. You can choose ads from your own text and image campaigns and add video content to them. There is also Yandex’s free library of video backgrounds available to use.

Shared account option to become default setting 

“Shared account” became the default setting on Yandex.Direct. Any new accounts created will automatically have a shared account. Shared accounts make working with Yandex.Direct even simpler, allowing advertisers to pay for all their campaigns from one account.

Turbo Pages for ads in Yandex.Direct

The new Turbo Page in Yandex.Direct uses additional mobile landing pages with increased loading speeds. Yandex.Direct determines that a user has opened the ad, and redirects the user to the corresponding site, ultimately improving bounce rates..

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