Yandex Ad News Update Q2 2018

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the Yandex ad news update for Q2 2018. The Yandex.Direct team has introduced several new features since the previous advertising news updates. The newest features include new smart banner templates, setting realistic bids, new tools for video extension, simplified CRM data segments in Yandex.Audience, and many more!

Smart banner templates for clothes, shoes, and accessories Yandex.Direct has created new display formats for smart banner templates. These new display formats allow advertisers to describe a product in detail in ads, including the materials its made of, color options, sizes available, and photos from different angles. The ad will also enlarge when the user’s cursor hovers above it, allowing users to view your product more closely.

Badges for auto dealers and microfinance organizations in search ads Badges will now appear automatically in automotive deales, insurance companies, and microfinance organizations’ ads on desktops to show their official status. The badge will appear when the user includes the name of an auto manufacturer in their query, and an ad from the domain of the official dealer of this auto manufacturer is shown in response to this query. For insurance companies and microfinance organizations, the badge will appear when the ad displayed links to an official site domain of a company that is included in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation’s State Register. Yandex’s data has shown that badges increase an ads’ CTR by 2%.

Images turn into video  Yandex.Direct can now turn text ads with images into video.  Similar to already existing video extensions, the ad will play in a multiroll format for video content. Yandex.Direct turns images into a video by generating an animated 10 second block that can include text and will appear on the photo background of the advertiser’s choice, or one from the Yandex.Direct library.

Video extensions now generated by default in Yandex.Direct Yandex.Direct now generates video extensions by default. This means that Yandex.Direct will automatically transform static words and pictures into animated blocks to create videos based on your text and image ads. Don’t worry if your ad already includes a video, this will only automatically generate for ads that don’t feature video content.

Report Wizard’s conversion predictions Three experimental indicators have been added to Report Wizard. This includes Engaged Sessions (ES), Cost per Engaged session, and Engaged session rate. All three can be used to predict the probability of a conversion on a site. The higher your Engaged sessions (ES), the better your ads are able to fulfill the objectives you set for your campaigns in Yandex.Direct.

Setting realistic bids in Yandex.Direct As of the end of February, Yandex.Direct no longer uses the term “maximum costs per click.” This change is aimed at avoiding situations where advertisers set the maximum possible bid instead of realistic ones for which they are actually prepared to pay for clicks. Campaign settings will remained unchanged, and warnings will still be given for bids set over 300 RUB or the equivalent amount in other currencies. Although the bid limit of 2500 RUB no longer applies in Yandex.Direct.

Bid adjustments for video in Yandex.Direct There is a new type of bid adjustment available in Yandex.Direct. Advertisers have the option of setting bid adjustments anywhere from -50% to 1200%. On one hand, a -50% adjustment will usually be enough to disable impressions in the Yandex Video Network if that audience isn’t of interest. On the other hand, if these users are part of an advertiser’s target audience,  setting positive bid adjustments up to 1200%  can increase the likelihood of ads appearing.

A new approach to SERP ad layouts  Yandex.Direct has adapted their search engine results page (SERP). Over the next year, Yandex.Direct plans to test and introduce new ad layouts for search ads. Prices in Yandex.Direct will no longer be calculated for entry positions, but for the additional predicted traffic volume a bid will get. This will give advertisers a clear idea of how much more traffic their ads can receive if they raise their bids. These changes will be reflected in both the Yandex Direct interface and API.

Display campaigns in Yandex.Direct: open beta  Display campaigns on Yandex.Direct are now pay-per-click format. Advertisers can now include HTML5 banners in the Yandex Advertising Network for custom audiences.  With display campaigns offer new targeting types, new display strategies, and easy to use creatives.

New tools for video extensions in Yandex.Direct Advertisers can now make a more “handmade” ad beyond video extensions in Ad Builder with a background video from the Yandex.Direct library. Yandex.Direct has also simplified the task of finding the right clip from the library using machine vision technology. For example, advertisers can search a keyword such as “jump” to get results of videos that show people jumping.

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