Yandex Advertising News Q4 2016

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the final Yandex advertising news update of 2016. Over the course of the year the Yandex.Direct team introduced several new features for the online advertising community reaching their Russian audience through Yandex.  From introducing a new auction system, to new retargeting options, and new ways to acquire mobile traffic, the Yandex.Direct team worked to bring advertisers a wide range of improvements to their Yandex.Direct experience.  Read on for the latest developments.

Yandex Advertising News:

Yandex lengthens negative keyphrases: Advertisers will soon be able to expand negative keyphrases to 2-7 words in length. Longer negative keyphrases help advertisers refine their target audience by filtering out users searching for certain keywords that may not match the advertiser’s conversion goals.

Yandex.Audience Hyperlocal Targeting: Together Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Audience introduced hyperlocal targeting that helps advertisers serve ads to users in a 500 meter radius. Advertisers can now target online audiences by neighborhood, subway stop, street, or users visiting specific websites like shopping centers or train stations.

New Dynamic URL Parameters: Advertisers can now add a new parameter for ad links, {coef-goal-context-id}, that will provide conversion stats on ads with retargeting lists to bid adjustments.

Duplicate and adapt ad campaigns and groups  in interface: Yandex.Direct advertisers can now create duplicate campaigns and ad groups.  Duplicates contain all keywords, negative keywords, ad texts, settings, bids, and vCard information but a new CTR and other statistics are calculated after the ads are launched again from the duplicate campaign.

Yandex.Direct ads Image Ad Builder Tool: The New Image Ad Builder tool helps advertisers create their image ads directly in the interface instead of uploading banners from different programs or ordering them from a designer.


Changes to the Yandex.Direct Geotargeting tree:  Three new changes were announced for Yandex geotargetting: Updated city names and simplified structure for Ukraine, “Baltic” and “Middle East” levels have been removed from the geotargeting tree between the continent and countries,  can now be set for Romania and Portugal. These updates don’t impact ad settings but are useful for those using API or XLS/XLSX files.

In addition to the Yandex advertising news, the Yandex search team also released a new search algorithm based on neural networks that you can read about here!