Yandex Advertising News Q3 2017 Update

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the third Yandex advertising news update of 2017. The Yandex.Direct team has introduced several new features since the previous advertising news updates. These features aim to help the online advertising community reach their Russian audience through Yandex.Direct. The newest features include a combined tool to manage related keywords and relevant phrases, new positions in premium placement, and an improved keyword list that comes straight from the search query report.

Improving your keyword list in the query report: Advertisers can now add and perfect their keywords using keyword statistics from the search query report. Queries you choose to add to your keyword list will be grouped according to the ad they triggered. You can also edit queries before adding them to your keyword list.

New Positions in Premium Placement: Four new positions and their price data are now visible in the Direct API. Up to four ads will be visible above the search results on a desktop, while up to three will appear on mobile devices.

Related keywords get even simpler: One easy-to-use tool can now manage both your related keywords and your relevant phrases. The toll finds phrases that are similar in meaning to your keywords, to help your ad receive more impressions.

“Serve in the lowest possible position” no longer available: This strategy is no longer available to use in your campaigns. But Yandex.Direct will still be able to help you choose the best settings for your campaigns, and bring you the maximum amount of traffic available to your settings.

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