Yandex Advertising News Q2 2017

Russian Search Marketing is glad to bring readers the second Yandex advertising news update of 2017. The Yandex.Direct team has introduced several new features since the advertising news Q1 update. These features aim to help the online advertising community reach their Russian audience through Yandex.Direct.  The newest features include a look-alike feature in Yandex.Audience, new formats and ways to upload images in Ad Builder, more categories for smart banners and dynamic ads, extended geotargeting in ad networks, and regional bid adjustments. Read on for the latest developments!

Increased flexibility for Look-alike feature in Yandex.Audience: Advertisers can use Yandex.Audience’s look-alike feature to find users that may be potential customers. The Look-alike feature uses machine-learning algorithms to find Internet users that have similar online behavior to the advertiser’s customers.

Changes to minimum payment amount coming on March 22: Yandex.Direct began increasing it’s minimum payment amount when adding funds to account balances from 300 RUB to 1000 RUB. The minimum CPC and weekly budget remain the same.

Ad Builder Additions: formats, templates, and ways to upload imagesAd Builder has added new formats, making a total of 12 ad formats you can choose from. Using more formats for desktop and mobile impressions will help to increase the number of sites where ads can appear, therefore boosting traffic in ad networks. Advertisers also now have the ability to add a logo or domain to their text templates. There are now more ways to upload images including using a URL to upload an image, or a file from a separate library.

New categories and feeds for smart banners and dynamic adsAdvertisers promoting hotels, automobiles, realty, and flights now have the ability to use other feeds along with Yandex.Market for smart banners and dynamic ads.                                                                

Extended geotargeting now available in ad networksAd networks will now be able to use extended geotargeting to find target audiences in Yandex.Direct. Extended geotargeting can help advertisers keep an active line of communication with their clients.

Regional bid adjustments come to Yandex.Direct: New regional bid adjustments helps simplify managing numerous campaigns with different settings. The new settings allows advertiers to consolidate account structures, base bids in different areas on local conversion rates, and focus on better engage target audiences in selected regions.     

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