All Yandex Advertising Moves to Yandex.Direct

Last month Yandex announced in a post on the English advertising page that all Yandex advertising would operate through the Yandex.Direct platform.

Yandex.Disply advertising will gradually be moving to Yandex.Direct, making it easier for advertisers to create and promote their ads in one platform.  Advertisers can expect to see gradual changes starting this week on March 1st.

As one of the first steps, Yandex has been running a closed beta test on banners with a CPM payment model in the RTB auction. Soon the new banner campaigns will be launched and available for advertisers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the other countries where Yandex.Direct works.

“The first step, we decided, would be to move the real-time auction (RTB) product, in which advertisers use flexible strategies and precise targeting to control the conditions and cost of their impressions. This type of programmatic (automated) buying brings dynamism and transparency to the advertising market while increasing the personalization and effectiveness of communications. Advertisers enjoy a degree of manageability and ‘targetability’ available in few other ad types. As of March, Yandex.Direct will serve as their interface for programmatic buying for different formats in Yandex and the Yandex Advertising Network.”

Advertisers will be able to manage display ads with Direct API.  Over the next year all Yandex display advertising will operate through Yandex.Direct platform including premium video ads.