6 New Changes in Yandex Advertising

Hello, Yandex advertisers!

In case you missed the updates from the Yandex advertising page, we wanted to check in and make sure you are up to speed on any changes that might impact your campaigns.

1. A new notification system has been integrated into the Yandex.Direct interface.

As seen below, there is a brand new notification box that appears on the upper right hand corner of the interface.  These notifications are pretty awesome because they are personalized for each individual advertiser. The system only notifies advertisers about Yandex.Direct news that he or she hasn’t already read or additional features that the advertiser has yet to test.

Yandex.Direct notifications block

2.Demographic targeting on Yandex.Mail is now available!  Those who place display ads on Yandex.Mail can now target also by age, sex, and income.

3.In response to user requests, there are two new features for links in text ads.  First, an advertiser can insert site links for secure pages that use the HTTPS protocol in Direct ads. Second, Yandex.Direct advertisers can use site link URLs in any domain zone that currently exists. This is available for both Latin and Cyrillic websites.

4. Report Wizard now features average display positions and ad clicks per display position.  This allows reporting that shows the relative performance for ads based on where they are displayed on the page.  For a full explanation of the way this reporting improves advertisers understanding of their performance on the Yandex search results page, read on.

5. Yandex updated ad requirements now allow for larger media banner file sizes. The majority of media banners can now reach 60 KB, which means it will be easier to place multimedia ads with Yandex.

Yandex media file size

6. Now this may be old news by this point BUT just in case, credit card payments are now available outside Russia.  European clients can pay by Visa or Mastercard and Yandex Inc. clients may also pay by credit card through Paypal.