Yandex Account Managers

According to InternetLiveStats, the American Internet audience accounts for less than 10% of the global Internet audience; therefore, more than 90% of the Internet community is comprised of folks that don’t salute the Stars and Stripes. Yet, despite the collective American being such a small portion of the pie, it’s common for marketers to build a digital strategy for the American audience and then apply it globally.

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This isn’t the optimal approach, of course, but there are many contributing factors that make it a well-traveled Path of Least Resistance.

The most common deterrent preventing a localized digital strategy unique to the audience being communicated to is a lack of resources. A very logical roadblock. Research needs to be conducted, time needs to be invested and familiarity needs to be bred; sometimes there just isn’t room in the budget for the necessary legwork.

Yandex recognizes this hindrance for those interested in entering the Russian market, and offers an unmatched solution – bilingual account managers. Yandex touches 96% of the Internet using population in Russia, and the Yandex Account Management team make entry to this not-so-exclusive club efficient and profitable.

The Yandex Account Managers provide a tremendous service, and are a key differentiator for Russia’s largest search engine.

An Account Manager can easily be allocated by Yandex by completing the form here.

The Account Manager will assist you with the following:

1. Choosing a Strategy
What’s the goal of your campaign? Are you trying to sell goods, drive traffic or cultivate demand? The Yandex Account manager will work with you to choose a strategy that best satisfies the objectives of your campaigns. The Account Manager will then work with you to structure your account accordingly, including selecting all the appropriate settings. The thorough understanding of the Russian audience held by the Yandex Account Managers is invaluable, and will save your marketing department countless hours bickering about direction.

2. Optimizing your Campaigns
Yes, they’ll even translate your keywords for you. The Russian audience naturally searches in Russian. Unfortunately, running your current English keywords through a translating service is ineffective, and just doing a one-to-one translation doesn’t account for the syntax differences between the English and Russian user. After your first conversation with a Yandex Account manager, he/she will request that you send along your current keywords and ads – with the help of the Yandex Media Plan team, your KWs and ad copy will then be translated and optimized for the Russian audience.

3. Tracking Results
The Yandex Account Manager will introduce the Yandex tools available for calculating statistics, assessing effectiveness and identifying opportunity. The most robust of the tools is Yandex.Metrica, a free analytics tool that allows for conversion tracking, behavior analyzing and full evaluation of ad campaigns.

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Yandex.Wordstat is Yandex’s keyword tool that allows for Yandex.Direct advertisers to assess user interest in specific topics by location and determine demand. It’s important to remember that search behavior of the Russian user is unique, and as such, impression volume for specific keywords may be surprising. The Russian translation of a ‘money term’ in the US may see little action in Russia due to preference for an alternative with similar meaning.

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Yandex Report Wizard is tool within the Yandex.Direct dashboard that allows the user to run customized reports to include tags, ads, sites, phrases, regions, position, etc. These report templates can be saved, and reapplied to altered dates for future use.

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4. Continued Assistance
The Yandex Account Manager will be your personal Yandex contact throughout your time advertising on Yandex. They’ll be accessible when new products are introduced, when campaigns need to be tweaked, and when budgets need to be adjusted.

The Yandex Account Managers are intelligent, bilingual ppc specialists. A failure to develop a localized digital strategy due to a lack of resources is a logical excuse, but not in the case of Russia. In fact, Russia should be home to your most effective localized digital strategy because you have access to a capable and knowledgeable team free of additional charge.