Winter holiday trips planning in Russia: key stats to inform your marketing efforts

Yandex survey shows how Russian buyers plan their getaways, what they are looking for, and when they book their winter holiday trips

Since the Russian holiday calendar is different from that of the US and Europe (read more about the holiday season in Russia in this Russian Search Marketing post), Russians have more opportunities to get away from the snowy weather in early January. We published an article about Russian travel trends during the holiday season last year and in 2017, and now new Yandex survey data on winter holiday trips (results in Russian are published here) has been published to guide your advertising efforts for the upcoming holiday season.

Winter holiday planning in Russia: key trends & stats

  • Only 21% of respondents plan to meet the New Year at home
  • Respondents between 18 and 29 years old are the most likely to travel
  • Moscow and Saint Petersburg residents are the most likely to make travel plans
  • 52% of the respondents plan to go away for 4 to 7 nights

Traveling abroad: top destinations for Russians

Out of the survey respondents, 34% plan to go abroad. The most popular trip length is between 8 and 14 days, which is not surprising, given that the most popular destination by far is Thailand.

This beach destination is considered by 20% of the respondents looking forward to leaving Russia for a holiday trip.

In addition to Thailand, Russians are looking at the following countries:

  • Finland – 9%
  • Austria – 8%
  • Italy – 8%
  • Czech Republic – 8%
  • Vietnam – 7%
  • Turkey – 7%
  • Spain – 7%
  • UAE – 7%
  • Germany – 6%
  • Egypt – 5%
  • India – 5%
  • Indonesia – 4%
  • China – 4%

The best times to attract Russian winter holiday travelers

Just as last year’s research showed, many Russians delay making travel plans until after October:

  • only 6% of respondents have booked their trips
  • 73% of respondents haven’t even started making travel plans
  • every 5th respondent hasn’t even picked their destination.

This means that the “undecided” travelers might be swayed by a timely ad or a special discount on a trip.

Given that 21% of respondents feel that winter holiday traveling is unjustifiably expensive and don’t want to overpay for a trip, this might be a way to attract more bookings, especially if you are selling trips to a balmy destination.

Here are some additional reasons respondents have named as a reason to stay home during the upcoming winter holidays:

  • 49% prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home
  • 21% don’t want to overpay for winter holidays and stay at home for that reason
  • 18% will be working during the holiday time
  • 14% know that they won’t be able to afford a trip
  • 12% are saving for a large purchase or have recently made a large purchase
  • 11% don’t like traveling during peak season
  • 10% have plans locally or have a large to-do list of things to accomplish at home
  • 9% can’t leave their pets behind
  • 7% have kids or elderly relatives they need to take care of
  • 7% are burned out or have traveled too much for business
  • 5% will be entertaining visitors from other Russian towns and cities
  • 5% were unable to find a travel buddy

Reach out to our team of experts to find out how you can attract Russian travelers to your holiday destination during this pre-holiday home stretch.