Video ad trends in Russia: Yandex Video Network in 2019

Video ad placement, ad duration, and top industries using video advertising with Yandex Video Network

Yandex recently published an overview of the key video advertising trends for Yandex Video Network in 2019 (available in Russian here). Read this article summary to get a better understanding of video af trends in Russia. Learn which types of ad placement were popular, which industries used video ads, and which ad duration is likely to bring you a high view-through rate.

Video ad duration in Russia: how long should the ad be?

Yandex data shows: the shorter your video ad, the more likely it is that your audience is going to watch it to the end.

Most advertisers in 2019 chose to show ads that were 15 seconds long (interestingly, the average length in 2018 was 20 seconds); their view-through rate (VTR) was 62%.

For 5-second video ads the VTR was 87%.


Industries using video ads in Russia in 2019

Here’s the breakdown of video ad investments for video ads on Yandex Video Network in 2019:

  • FMCG – 18%
  • Financial industry – 18%
  • Automotive industry – 12%
  • Telecommunications – 11%
  • Retail – 10%
  • Consumer electronics, IT, electronic devices – 10%
  • Coffee shops and restaurants – 6%
  • Entertainment – 5%
  • Real estate – 4%
  • Pharmacological and medical companies – 3%
  • Tourism – 2%
  • Other – 2%


Compared to 2018, all of the industries mentioned above invested more in video ads, with these 5 leading the way:

  • Tourism (+382%)
  • Telecommunications (+218%)
  • Real estate (+163%)
  • Coffee shops and restaurants (+122%), and
  • Entertainment (+113%)


Video ad trends in Russia: preferred ad placements within Yandex Video Network

Yandex Video Advertising options include showing ads with videos (before, in the middle, or after a video was shown), in-page, or in-app. Out of those options, showing video ads with other videos was the most popular in 2019.

As far as video ad placement options go, ad placement in the middle of a video became more popular, primarily thanks to the fact that there was more licensed feature-length content available within Yandex Video Network.

Here’s the video ad placement breakdown for the top 4 categories:

  • 43% – pre-roll
  • 36% – mid-roll
  • 18% – in-page
  • 2% – post-roll

Video ad trends in Russia: differences in ad formats for different types of devices

According to Yandex data, mid-roll ads were shown more frequently on desktops, tablets, and smart TVs; on smartphones the number of in-page ads was almost as high as the number of mid-roll ads (26% and 27% accordingly). On desktops, tablets, and smart TVs the difference between in-page and mid-roll ads was more significant: 15% and 40% respectively.

In both cases, however, pre-roll ads were in the lead and amounted to 43% of ads shown for both device categories.


Using video ads: how to craft a memorable message for your Russian audience

In an earlier post we summarized a Yandex interview with experts working on the Russian market. Read the summary for which types of video ad messaging are likely to resonate with Russian audiences, and which trends are worth monitoring on the Russian market.