User Facts and Figures: Yandex Audience

Russian Search Marketing recently published a blog series that assessed Russian Internet users by age group, looking at general online activity, social media use, online sales, and e-payment preferences.  The series gave a great overall picture of the different types of Internet behavior seen among Russian users. To compliment the series, this blog focuses on the Yandex Internet audience to give advertisers more insight for their Russian digital advertising preferences and user targeting.

Russia spans across 11 time zones and is home to 143 million people. Among these people, 83 million people or 60% of the population are Internet users; making Russia the largest Internet audience in all of Europe. The low Internet penetration in Russia offers businesses incredible upside for growth and users significant room for the development of their use. The general audience maintains particular user behavior based on age, gender, and location.  As the dominant search engine in Russia, Yandex reaches the majority of Russia’s Internet users. This blog looks at the Yandex audience in general and specifically for various services where advertisers can place display ads.

Yandex Audience

Yandex is one of Europe’s largest Internet businesses and Russia’s leading search engine. In addition to search, Yandex offers multiple services to 53 million monthly users and 20 million unique daily viewers.

The Yandex homepage has 20 million daily users and 42 million monthly users, searching for your products and services. Yandex maintains 58% of the Russian search market share with a larger daily reach than local Russian TV stations.

Yandex audience reach

Yandex processes over 5 billion search queries per month, showing ads to 70 million people every day through Yandex.Direct paid search ads.   Yandex serves 56% of the entire Russian population. Generally speaking, the Yandex audience is pretty evenly split between men and women but women slightly outweigh the male users. The largest demographic group comes from women between the ages of 45 and 64. However, the below statistics from TNS research on desktop use excludes mobile users who tend to be on the younger side.

Yandex audience

Similar to the general trends for Internet users, a strong portion of Yandex traffic comes from two of the country’s largest and well-known cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg but Yandex users are located all throughout Russia.  Yandex.Direct advertisers can better plan their geo-targeting by searching your relevant keywords on Yandex.Wordstat and viewing the maps option to see how the volume of queries is divided by location.

Advertiers can also gain even stronger insights on demographics by installing and viewing analytics in Yandex.Metrica, Yandex’s free web analytics tool that offers significant insights on user demographics and behavior.

Yandex Display Advertising Audience

Yandex offers display ad placements on both the homepage and most popular services, which only feature a single display banner on each page to ensure high visibility and engagement. Advertisers select from multiple targeting options including age and gender but can also place ads on pages with an audience better suited for their products and services. This section gives a brief overview of some of Yandex’s most popular services and audience profiles.

Yandex runs KinoPoisk one of the largest Russian movie websites. This Russian top 20 website serves nearly 15 million monthly users who are mostly from large cities, 25-34.

yandex kinopoisk

Yandex.Music offers users a personalized music service to more than 8 million monthly users. The average age of users is 18-34 and 70% of users have and above average income.

yandex music

Yandex.Weather provides a detailed weather forecast for 2600 cities across the globe. Yandex.Weather has a monthly audience of more than 14 million users, most of whom are 18-34 years old. The monthly audience includes a large share of female users.

yandex weather

Yandex.Maps provides high-quality, detailed maps, including traffic information. Yandex.Maps helps more than 20 million monthly users, who are mostly 25-44 year old car owners.

yandex maps

Yandex.Timetables is an information service that displays flight, train, and bus schedules. Yandex.Timetables provides information to more than 4 million users monthly. The audience is dominated by male users and frequent travelers in the 25-34 age range.

yandex timetables

Yandex.TV is an online TV viewing and television guide service.  Yandex.TV has a monthly audience of 9 million users, half of which are between 25-44 years old.

yandex tv

Yandex.News is a news aggregator service. The Yandex.News audience of 24 million monthly users is dominated by professionals with high incomes falling in the 34-44 age range.

yandex news

Yandex.Translation is a service providing machine translations in 53 languages. Yandex.Translator helps over 5 million monthly users with voice, text, and image translations. The audience ranges but draws a strong portion of users both domestically and abroad.

yandex translator

For a full list on Yandex services for banner, video, and audio display ads, read on here. In addition to advertising based on the respective audiences of each service, Yandex social demographic targeting provides advertisers with options to target audiences based on gender, age, and income level. Advertisers can also target their audience by geography and interests.

As always, keep in mind that the better you know your audience, the better you can optimize your landing pages and ads. Russian language and payment options on your landing pages are equally important as targeting the right demographic.