Understanding Yandex.Direct Commander

Advertisers on Yandex.Direct with large ad campaigns utilize Yandex.Direct Commander to set up ads independently and manage them efficiently.  Direct Commander helps advertisers easily work with a multiple clients, campaigns, ads, and keywords.  Advertisers can upload files from any format to create campaigns and easily make mass changes.  This blog walks through some of the basics of Yandex.Direct Commander to help advertisers in Russia understand some of the benefits and how the interface works.

The benefits of Direct Commander:

Yandex.Direct Commander offers advertisers a number of benefits that make managing and editing their ad campaigns easier:

  • Locate keywords: Direct Commander makes it possible for advertisers to find specific keywords that may relate to different ad campaigns and ad groups. For example, to correct a bid.
  • Easily find specific ad text:  Advertisers can find all ads that include a specific text, even if they are from different groups or campaigns. For example, you can find an ad that advertises a specific product  that is no longer available and stop impressions.
  • Set bids for a large number of keywords: Simultaneously manage bids for multiple keywords that relate to different ad campaigns and groups. There are options to set bids for content sites in accordance with the size of the target audience and for search in accordance with the bid for entry into any ad position that also takes CPC into account.
  • Simultaneously edit multiple keywords: Make corrections to multiple keywords. For example, replace a keyword or negative word, correct a common typo, or switch from lower- to upper-case.
  • Fix overlapping keywords and delete duplicates: Find and fix all overlapping and duplicate keywords – even if they are from different groups or campaigns.
  • Replace text and links in multiple ads: Make corrections to multiple ads at once. For example, to create a copy of an ad campaign for a different region,  the ad text “in Moscow” could be replaced with “in Novosibirsk” and  the link changed from “msk.domain.ru” to “nsk.domain.ru”.

How Direct Commander works:

Direct Commander uses Yandex.Direct’s program interface and works on the principle “download – process – upload.”

  • Step 1: Yandex.Direct sends updated information on clients and campaigns
  • Step 2: Advertisers create and/or edit ad campaigns in offline mode and all changes are automatically saved (on the advertiser’s computer)
  • Step 3: Changes are activated after being sent to the Direct server

As opposed to e-mail programs that load new messages from the server automatically, Direct Commander runs manually by interacting with the server only when the user initiates it.

Setting up Direct Commander:

To get started on Commander, an advertiser logs in with their Yandex.Direct username and password.


After signing in, an advertiser will see all empty Commander panels since data from the Direct server has not been received yet. If you are an agency, you will then click “download list of clients”, and then select a client, and click on “load campaigns”.


Individual advertisers will click on “load campaigns”, and then select an ad campaign, and click “load groups”.



If you haven’t set up Yandex.Direct Commander, start testing now to make your advertising more efficient!