Turbo Pages: new features for better conversions and visibility

From on-page shopping carts to “likes,” new Turbo Pages features make it easier to engage your Russian audience

We wrote previously about the benefits of using Turbo Pages to reach Russian internet users with slow connections and limited internet access. A new blog post with an overview of new features available for Turbo Pages, along with results from using them for anything from sales to audience engagement, was recently published on the Yandex blog for webmasters (available in Russian here). Read an overview of those new features below.


New Turbo Pages e-commerce features for higher conversion rates

E-commerce Turbo Pages capabilities were significantly expanded in the last 6 months (you can read an in-depth overview of new functions in Russian here). Here are the most impactful improvements.

Shopping carts on Turbo Pages

Having a shopping cart directly on your Turbo Page allows users to make purchases without being redirected to the main website. Turbo Pages also make it easier to shop on mobile devices, for example while traveling or spending summer months at your dacha (country house).

Turbo Pages keep carts saved for website visitors who abandoned them at some point, even if they did not sign in to complete the purchase.

Auto-fill during checkout

Users registered with Yandex and logged in during a shopping session will be able to save time on filling out their personal information (name, phone number, email) during checkout.


Delivery options during checkout

It is now possible to add delivery options on Turbo Pages to facilitate the checkout process. The following options are currently available: delivery service, in-store pickup, or mail.

It’s also possible to add different pickup locations and sort delivery options by region (for example, different options for deliveries in Moscow and in the Moscow region).


E-commerce metrics added to Turbo Pages reports

For users of Yandex.Metrica, e-commerce reports are generated automatically, offering insights into best-selling products, brands, and categories, product returns, as wells as buyer gender and interests, including information on the way they correlate with order value.

It is also possible to track the effectiveness of specific sale campaigns.


Turbo Pages features: improved advertising options for display ads

New ad formats, including sticky banners at the bottom of a webpage and interactive ads make advertising blocks more visible without affecting user experience.

Yandex.Direct now also makes it possible to optimize ads for each visitor based on which ad design is likely to lead to them to click through (read more in Russian here).


New features for audience engagement on Turbo Pages

Turbo Pages now also allow installation of interactive elements. In addition, a simple way to enable comments on Turbo Pages was added.

Navigating Turbo Pages has also become easier thanks to a multi-level menu option (read more in Russian here).

Other new features include additional scrolling options for images, breadcrumbs display, and ability to add a Yandex.Market widget to your Turbo Pages blog to get more sales through this channel.


Interested in exploring additional Turbo Pages options and discovering how they can help you convert your Russian visitors? Get in touch with our experienced team members.