Travel Industry Advertisers Thriving in Russia

SimilarWeb recently published data on Tnooz detailing the growth of Travel Industry giant, For years, Booking has been increasing their global reach and are seen by many as a calculated and intelligent innovator in the space. The headquarters for Booking are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Many in the United States are most familiar with their brand through their recognizable television ad campaigns, but make no mistake about it, Booking has long been a leader in digital acquisition.

The article discusses Booking’s strategy to growth, but most surprising to many is where their traffic is coming from. Marketers often overlook international markets to focus on the traditional markets for customer acquisition. Booking clearly applies a more global approach to their growth than most, and the chart below shows that Russia is responsible for the largest share by country on Desktop. has been wildly successful in Russia, and their strategic commitment to growth in the market is easy to understand.

The Russian online Internet audience continues to grow and mature, outpacing almost all other international markets. The chart below shows the strong YoY growth by Travel segment; Q1 2018 saw a 16% increase in the Accommodations segment, and Booking has positioned themselves nicely to capitalize.

The growth in Online Users in Russia is easy to quantify. More difficult to quantify is the maturation of the Russian Online User. Internet penetration has grown steadily in recent years in Russia. As the Russian user increases their comfort level with Internet usage, so does their comfort with online purchasing. International brands with a commitment to Russia are primed to secure market share and increase their growth rate.