Top 3 Reasons to meet with Yandex at SMX West

After having fought their way through a 6 foot snow drift to make it into Yandex’s Boston office today several members of the team are looking forward to heading to Moscow next week for a respite from this crazy winter.  It is not often that you head to Moscow for better weather in the winter but that is what it has come to this year.

Upon their return to Boston they will likely need to unbury their cars and shovel a path to the office door before heading out to San Jose for SMX West in early March.  We are very excited about SMX West this year and have a busy schedule of events and trainings scheduled for March 2nd through 5th.

Interest in the Russian market is very high right now, the top 3 reasons we find people want to meet with us are:

Learn about how the changing Russian market impacts their business.

At Yandex we spend a lot of time these days talking about how the turmoil in the Russian market over the last 12 months impacts various businesses.  We all travel to Moscow on a regular basis to see the impact of the changes and then help our clients understand where are the opportunities and where are the challenges in this evolving market situation.  Our industry data and analyses allow us to see who is benefiting from the changes and who is getting hurt.  Change brings uncertainty but also creates real opportunities for those willing to invest in understanding the situation.  Our clients rely on us to help with that understanding.

Learn how to execute on new Russian market opportunities.

Yandex provides free translation, localization and optimization for search campaigns for our international customers.  For example, it is important for western clients to understand that in dollar terms search advertising costs half as much as it did a year ago merely because of the decline in the value of the Ruble.

As the folks over at Wordstream wrote in December, CPC’s in Russia are much cheaper than they used to be.  If you are a player in the market and are focused on growing market share or on launching a new product – there likely never has been a better time to start advertising in Russia.

Yandex has 60% of the search engine traffic in Russia, to execute on these market opportunities you need to be advertising with Yandex.  Western corporations may have a strong advantage over domestic players right now in Russia but if you stick to only Google you will be missing out on much of the potential.

Get free stuff.

It is after all a conference.  We have some of the best swag in the business.  And surely the only swag at SMX imported from Russia.  Get yours before it is gone…We are also excited to talk to you about the useful free translation and optimization you receive from Yandex account managers! Annnddd we also currently offering a promotion for $100 off your first $1000 for new customers in the US.

Contact us today to setup a one on one meeting.  We are excited to help our thousands of existing US customers improve their performance in Russia and also to meet potential new customers who want to test the waters in this dynamic market.