Top 15 Gifts Online Shopping for Russian New Year 2017

Yandex.Market and Yandex.Checkout two of Russia’s premiere eCommerce platforms teamed up to research Russian’s holiday search trends and online shopping for the 2017 New Year Holiday. In Russia, gift giving and big holiday celebrations take place on New Year’s rather than the traditional Western practice to exchange gifts on Christmas day. Russians celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 7th and 8th.

In addition to searches for getting trees and holiday decorations,  the Yandex research (in Russian) looked at the top gifts and the time period which Yandex users began searching for the holidays. This  year two weeks before the New Year,  users went from their holiday gift search results on Yandex.Market page 35% more than the same period in 2016.  Top items for the holiday reflect a lot of the popular items to purchase throughout the year and trends that relate to new hot items that have been released in 2017.