Top 10 Foreign Songs in Russia 2016

Yandex.Music, one of Russia’s top music playing platforms, recently published research on the top tracks and albums of 2016 for Russian listeners. The research was based on the overall average amount of times songs were played by users throughout the year. This included listens directly from the website and also plays on the Yandex.Music and Yandex.Radio apps. Throughout 2016 the Yandex music services offered 20 million monthly users the options of creating their own playlists or stations for personalized music streaming.

Over the last year, Russians on these services listened to 7 billion played songs from January 2016 to the beginning of this month, which combined equates to more then 30,000 years .  Of these songs, the top ten most played songs of 2016 were all by foreign artists. You were also probably listening to many of the same songs. These hits made local charts and also proved popular among Yandex.Music users. As any Justin Timberlake fan will tell you, sometimes you just can’t stop the feeling no matter where you are located in the world.


1.Twenty One Pilots — Stressed Out

2. Coldplay — Hymn For The Weekend

3.Lost Frequencies, Janieck Devy — Reality

4.The Avener — To Let Myself Go

5.Carla’s Dreams — Sub Pielea Mea

6.Alan Walker — Faded

7. Burak Yeter and Danelle Sandoval — Tuesda

8.Sia — Unstoppable

9. Duke Dumont — Ocean Drive

10.Justin Timberlake — Can’t Stop The Feeling!


Based on the Yandex.Music research, the most popular foreign-based album for the year was Sia’s “This is Acting.” Sia was also one of the top-rated foreign singers. Alan Walker proved to be the top listened to artist while Coldplay was the top band.

Research was also conducted on a separate category for the most popular music from films and TV shows. The top foreign soundtrack of 2016 for Russians was from the popular movie “Suicide Squad.” The movie was also one of the top movies of the year for Russians as it was in other locations.

In addition to foreign tracks, Russians also listened to a number of local artists and alums throughout the year. The top track was «Грею счастье» by Ёлка.