Targeting Russian users: Yandex video ads on TikTok

Yandex.Direct now makes it possible to run video ads on TikTok. Is there anything to the TikTok hype, and should you add TikTok ads to your marketing tools for advertising to your target audience in Russia?

TikTok in Russia: key figures

TikTok in Russia is experiencing rapid growth: in this article published on 02/12/2019, TikTok’s audience in Russia is cited as only 1.5 million users. A mere 4 months later, in this article (in Russian here) published in May 2019, the TikTok monthly audience is reported as 8 million users per month.

eMarketer has more recent numbers on the percentages of TikTok users as compared to other digital and video platforms:

Digital platforms used in Russia, June 2019, via eMarketer

Digital platforms used in Russia, June 2019, via eMarketer


Digital platforms used in Russia to view video content, vie eMarketer

Digital platforms used in Russia to view video content, vie eMarketer

In the press release announcing the launch of advertising blocks in TikTok, the Yandex team cites the following statistics:

  • TikTok ranks 4th in in-app time for Russian users (UBS Evidence Lab)
  • TikTok ranked second for app installs in Q3 2019 (Sensor Tower)

According to the article mentioned above (in Russian here), an average user from Russia spends 39 minutes per day on TikTok (according to this Global Web Index article, Russian teenagers spend a little over 4 hours on social media per day).

The Russian TikTok audience as a whole watches 10 billion videos per month (May 2019 data).


TikTok users in Russia: are they your target audience?

Darya Popova, the author of the article mentioned above, refers to the TikTok audience as “teenagers or people who want to feel like teenagers again.” A Hootsuite article, referencing Global Web Index data, backs that up: 41% of TikTok users globally are between 16 and 24 years old.

However, it is possible to narrow down your targeting within TikTok to make sure you’re speaking to the users who’ll benefit from your services.


TikTok ads with Yandex.Direct

Yandex.Direct TikTok ads allow advertisers to target their audience based on their search interests, demographics, location, and other criteria to ensure higher engagement and conversions.

The ads are generated automatically in Yandex.Direct. After the ad text and ad images are uploaded, the service adds an audio track and interactive elements for the video ad. In addition to that, the ad format is adapted for mobile viewing.

You can see some ad mockups in the Russian press release announcing TikTok ads.

Get in touch with your team of experts to find out more about advertising on TikTok  in Russia.