Yandex Targeting by Mobile App Interests

As we all know, user behavior is significantly impacted by device. For example, Yandex research shows that queries from desktop computers and laptops are almost equally distributed throughout the day; however, on mobile devices, users tend to search mush more heavily in the evenings, and finally tablets are used more often in the evenings on weekdays and on weekends.

Average search query length on desktops is a bit more than 4 words, on tablets – 3.9 and on mobile – only 3.6. Typing on mobile can be very difficult especially when you are on the go, so users look for shorter phrases to describe their intent on mobile.

To ease keyword research for different device types, Yandex  recently added a new setting to contextual keyword targeting – targeting by mobile app interests. The new targeting type is currently available only in ad networks and ad exchanges and only for mobile app campaigns.

Advertisers can now choose from more than 40 available app interests to find a way to target their potential customers. For example, if you are promoting a running app you can enable the following app interests simultaneously – Health&Fitness, Lifestyle, Sport and Entertainment. According to Yandex data, users typically don’t limit their interests to one or two app categories therefore advertisers can also choose Broad Interest targeting to reach out to a larger audience. App interests can be found in campaign settings under Interest. You can add/change interests in the user interface, through XLS/XLSX or via Yandex.Direct API.

And since Yandex user behavior depends on the device type, to make sure you reach out to your customers at the right time you may also find time targeting settings helpful. Use them to bid differently for different hours of the day and/or days of the week in mobile app campaign settings to get maximum efficiency on Yandex.