Solving advertising challenges with Yandex.Direct: success stories

Tips, best practices, and case studies from Russian and international businesses

Whether you’re getting ready to launch your first advertising campaign on the Russian market or optimizing your existing campaigns to attract a specific audience segment, it’s likely that the Yandex.Direct team has already worked on similar challenges. In this post, we’re returning to the success stories published on Russian Search Marketing in the past and showcasing their challenges and the solutions that Yandex.Direct was able to offer.


Yandex.Direct e-commerce success story: Quelle, an international mail-order clothing retailer, entering Russian online market

Industry challenges:

  • logistics and shipment: setting customer expectations, developing express delivery services, customer support to track orders via phone and online
  • client acquisition: getting the first sale

Advertising goal:

  • bring buyers to Quelle’s Russian-language website to increase volume of online orders
  • main channels: media and contextual advertising, banner advertising

Advertising strategy:

  • using a variety of ad channels while maintaining brand consistency
  • optimizing for branded searches
  • optimizing for relevant phrases and keywords


“We promoted Quelle so heavily that once a seasonal sale announcement nearly brought down our server due to the heavy influx of visitors.”

“… investments in Yandex.Direct quickly pay off. In our case, just a year after releasing our first ad campaign, the share of internet orders grew by almost 50 percent.”


Read this post to find out more about Quelle’s experience advertising with Yandex.Direct.


Yandex.Direct B2B machinery sales success story: NTK Forklift optimizing ads for sales inquiries

Industry challenges:

  • long sales cycle
  • need to educate potential clients and customize sales information based on their needs
  • need to optimize website and sales process to reduce friction

Business challenges:

  • attracting clients under suboptimal economic conditions
  • choosing the most effective way to promote products and acquire new clients: newspapers, mailers, expos, SEO, and advertising.


“At first, we paid very little attention to Direct, but we soon realized that Direct works a lot better than SEO (search engine optimization): we created an ad, paid for it, and received the first calls that very same day. … Currently, around 60% of our clients come to us from Direct. What’s more, Direct is very mobile and flexible. For example, we have various offers and they are often directed at a specific region.”

Read more about the ways NTK Forklift uses Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Metrica to optimize their website and advertisements for sales here.


Using Yandex.Direct for advertising internationally: Skyscanner success story

While Yandex.Direct is primarily used to attract Russian-speaking audiences in Russia, it is also used by Russian speakers around the world:

“… there are over 250 million Russian speakers worldwide who often prefer to search and use services in Russian. … Yandex search and services serve users in 64 countries, with a strong portion of international traffic in the US and Europe.”

Accordingly, Skyscanner, an online travel planning service, created advertising campaigns targeting Russian-speaking users outside of Russia to test the viability of using Yandex.Direct to reach this audience.

Results for 2 out of 4 tested markets reached the statistical significance threshold and showed promising results:

“For Turkey and the US, the share of conversions from Yandex.Direct was more than sufficient and made up 12% and 3.48% of the total amount of context traffic, respectively.”

Read the case study with examples of foreign markets with high volumes of Yandex users here.


Using Yandex.Audience to configure Yandex.Direct ad campaigns based on target audience data

Challenge: getting higher conversion rates and better targeting options to show ads to potential clients with specific budgets.

Solution: Zdorovaya Voda, an office water delivery service, used information about their existing clients to generate a custom segment in Yandex.Audience with Look-alike technology.


“the audience found from the Look-alike segment created by Yandex.Audience produced twice as many clicks, cut the bounce rate in half, and had a 30% higher page depth compared to typical users. The conversion rate for this audience was also twice as high as for typical users.”

Read more about Look-alike technology and ad optimization for Zdorovaya Voda here.


E-commerce advertising strategy for active leisure goods sales in Russia: seasonal demand and segmentation

In 2015, Active Leisure, an active leisure goods company, started working on their online promotion strategy. By working with Yandex.Direct, they increased their traffic, CTR, and sales by 500% without increasing their budget.

Some of the key takeaways from the interview with the Active Leisure owner:

  • continue running ads off-season to stay top-of-mind
  • create a specific marketing strategy for each of your audience segments based on their needs
  • customize your online and offline promotion strategies for every region
  • use online advertising for retargeting in order to encourage repeat purchases.

Read more about Active Leisure’s experience with expanding their sales across Russia and beyond here.

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