A Typical Russian Week According to Yandex.Maps Searches

Originally posted on the official Yandex Blog, and can be seen here in Russian.

From weekend movie theater trips to Monday’s push for exercise, Russians maintain a pretty stereotypical weekly activity schedule.  To check a few hypotheses on standard Russian behavior, Yandex analysts compiled data for the most popular generic locations for mobile users on Yandex.Maps and Navigator from March to July 2014.  The searches give a clear picture of the way Yandex users are searching for their weekday and weekend needs for locations closest to them.

Each graphic includes the highest daily search volumes highlighted by grey and specified in military time.  In instances where there are two peak times for a specific search query, both times are specified.

Here is what the Yandex analysts learned about Russian’s wants and needs.

More groceries are purchased on Fridays and the weekend:

Yandex grocery store searches

Russians search for flowers during the evenings, especially on Friday and Saturday:

Yandex floral shop searches

Russians do less banking on Sundays but otherwise consistently search for banks during the late afternoons:

Yandex bank searches

Russians start off their week ready for fitness and lose a bit of steam by Friday:

Yandex fitness searches

Friday Night yields the most popular searches for bars and pubs:

Yandex bar searches

During the week people search for restaurants and cafes for both lunch and dinner but since business lunch isn’t offered on the weekends, more search for dinner:

Yandex cafe searches

On weekends Russians’ priorities change, like taking their car to a mechanic:

Yandex auto services searches

Or going to the movie theaters during the evenings:

Yandex movie theater searches

Or heading to the beauty salon to prep for the following week:

Yandex salon searches