Social Network Matchup: Vkontakte vs Facebook in Russia

Quite frequently Russia’s premiere social network, Vkontakte or VK, gets called the Russian version of Facebook.  Both social network sites include personal pages, photo sharing, and community groups for people to connect.

Given the similarities, popularity, and layout, its no shock that many know VK as the Russian Facebook.  However, Vkontakte is also strongly geared towards providing entertainment media for users  Users have specific music playlists and video pages, plus the ability to find shows and films to watch.

VK homepage

Vkontakte maintains a serious presence in the Russian and Eastern European online social world but Facebook has also crept into the market.  Although Vkontakte has more than double the amount of visitors than Facebook with approximately 50 million users, Facebook now ranks as Russia’s 4th most used social network.

According to Gemius research, VK and FB mainly serve 25-34 year old users but Facebook has a slightly greater popularity among women with 57% female users and 43% male.  While the average time spent on Facebook is 1.12 hours, VK users spend an average of 7 hours on the social network.  Given the heavy amount of entertainment media use on VK, most would spend more time listening to music and watching shows than the standard social browsing done on Facebook.

11% of Vkontakte users come from Moscow, while 14% of Facebook visitors are Moscovites – not a surprising statistic given the Western exposure of the major city.

The familiar Vkontakte will continue to attract a strong Russian audience but Facebook is steadily making waves in the Russian social media scene.

gemius_vk v fb