Social media trends in 2021 in Russia

What Russian social media experts predict for 2021: social media landscape newcomers and incumbents

In this post, we cover experts’ predictions about SMM in Russia in 2021, and share information about usage of the top 5 social media sites in Russia in 2020.

Russian social media trends in 2021

According to Alina Astrey’s article on (which you can read here in Russian), the following 7 trends are likely to become mainstream in 2021:

  1. Brand profile creation across social networks
  2. Ad personalization to fight banner blindness
  3. Active brand participation in online discussions
  4. Growth of user-generated content
  5. Brand storytelling
  6. Collaboration with micro influencers
  7. Geotargeting

Russian top 5 social media sites and their audience in 2020

Top 5 social media sites in Russia in 2020

Thee top 5 social media sites in Russia in 2020. Source: Mediascope research

In her article, Alina Astrey quotes Mediascope research on top social media sites in Russia (read one of our past posts to find out more about social media trends in Russia in 2019). According to Mediascope, the top 5 social media sites in Russia in 2020 are:

  1. YouTube
  2. VKontakte
  3. Instagram
  4. Odnoklassniki
  5. Facebook


52.8% of users are female, 47.4% are male. Most YouTube visitors are looking for either educational content or entertainment. Accordingly, winning content types are likely to be product reviews, educational videos, and interviews with experts.


Most VKontakte users are between 25 and 34 years old.

The following product and service categories are the best fit for this site: educational courses, concerts and similar events, tourism, medical services, gyms, and beauty parlors.


59% male audience, also popular among 25-34-year-old Russians. 81% of traffic is mobile, with 40% of the audience visiting the site more than once per day.

Because of its visual nature, Instagram is particularly good for advertising impulse purchases.


This platform continues to be popular in Russia, and attracts 2 age groups: 25-34 and 35-44. This site is more family-oriented than others and would be a good fit for medical products, insurance companies, and for household and childcare-related goods.


In Russia, Facebook attracts well-to-do users: 36.7% of Russian Facebook users have above-average incomes, and 41% of users have an average income.

Social media sites in Russia: trending newcomers

Social media sites in Russia: trending newcomers. Source: Yal Studio post

Social media of the future: trending newcomers in Russia

In this post, predictions from Netologiya (a Russian digital marketing course provider) for 2021 are summarized by Yal Studio. According to the post, these social media sites are expected to become more prominent in the minds and hearts of Russians in 2021:

  • TikTok
  • Reels
  • Klipy (VKontakte service)

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