Attention Advertisers in Russia: Seven Useful Yandex.Direct Facts

For those interested in digital advertising in Russia,starting to familiarize yourself with Yandex, the Russian search engine with 65% of the market share, is the best first step.  If you are already advertising with Yandex, double-check your knowledge with these useful facts on general knowledge, optimizing campaigns, and payment methods.

1.YAN: Yandex Advertising Network, otherwise known as YAN, is a group of websites which display ads served by Yandex.Direct. This includes the search network and Yandex partner sites and content or third party sites.

2.Two Separate Auctions: Each time a search query is typed into Yandex search box, two separate auctions take place, one for premium placement position and one for guaranteed position.

3.Site Monitoring: When your site is down, Yandex.Direct responds by pausing your ads until the site is back in action. You can check the details for the time and date of your site being down with Yandex.Metrica

5.Payment Methods: Credit card payment options are now available for our EU and US customers, although US customers must do so through PayPal.

4.Russian Case Recognition for Keyword Match Types: Unless otherwise specified by match type operators, Yandex considers the six possible noun form cases for a given keyword (twelve cases when including plural forms).

6.Ad Moderation: The ad approval process is partly automated and partly manual.  After your ad is automatically approved and running, a Yandex employee will double-check your ad within three days.

7.Autobroker: Autobroker is an automatic CPC optimization tool that helps advertisers save both time and money on Yandex.Direct.  Autobroker reduces the max CPC to the minimum amount required to provide the best ad position possible.