RuTube vs YouTube: What are Russians watching?

By now everyone is familiar with YouTube and various things people enjoy watching on the social media site.  From music videos to tutorials, YouTube has become a daily resource for entertainment and everyday needs.  If you are Russian, you are most certainly also familiar with RuTube, a video streaming site offering videos from private individuals and license entertainment companies.

While less popular, many Russians still use RuTube.  50% of RuTube users come from Russia while the rest are from Kazakhstan, France, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan.  Users are more commonly male and spend an average of 5 minutes on RuTube.  13.2% of of RuTube visits come from search engine users who often search for RuTube or the Russian version рутуб.

What’s hot on RuTube?

Each year RuTube ranks the overall top 25 videos.  In addition to that list of top videos, there are also lists of top ranking videos by category such as music covers, animals, politics, Russia, and even dashcam videos.

RuTube also ranks the top viewed videos per month.  Currently, the most popular videos include dance videos, stand up comedy, music videos, news clips, and animal scenes.

RuTube top 25 videos

Quite surprisingly, RuTube is also currently featuring a Halloween page where users can watch related videos like scary movie scenes or find recipes for pumpkins.  The videos actually offer helpful information, specially since the holiday is not really celebrated in Russia.

What’s hot on YouTube?

Although YouTube isn’t necessarily geared toward Russian speakers, Russians utilize the site more frequently, searching for it on Yandex 11, 821, 307 times last month alone according to Yandex.Wordstat data.

YouTube views have a similar taste but also utilize the site to watch their favorite television shows and movies.

As seen in the search below, Russian speaking YouTube users are looking for children’s songs, political topics, music videos, music artists, and a number of television shows.

Russian YouTube searches

The majority of tests using Russian language in the YouTube search bar yielded results for popular TV series and reality shows.  Russians also frequently search for other topics like exercise tutorials and how to tie a tie.

YouTube Russian tutorials