Russia’s Top 10 Digital Advertising Categories Revealed

Yandex analysts recently compiled data to assess the top digital advertising categories.  Generally speaking, the top industries include travel, fashion, financial services, medical services, and automobiles.

These major industries that have a strong online presence actually vary when it comes to specific categories within these industries.  Two of the major travel industry categories, hotels and passenger air transport, make the top five digital advertising categories.

yandex top 10 digital advertising categories

Online advertisements for hotels takes first place but advertising for clothing isn’t too far behind.  Fashion retailers advertise clothing twice as much as footwear but both categories still speak for the importance of fashion in Russia’s e-Commerce world.

Although to a lesser extent, businesses promote medical services to online customers seeking domestic and international medical care.  Businesses also promote various financial services to meet Russians’ financial needs.  The auto industry in Russia is led but the local brand Loto but otherwise dominated by foreign auto companies.  A full breakdown of the most popular cars in Russia can be found here.

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