A Look at Russia’s Tablet Craze

Russians were first turned on to tablets in the form of e-books.  However, in addition to e-readers, more and more Russians are using tablets to access social media, play online games, read the news, shop online, and more .  In Q3 of 2013, 2.77 million tablets and electronic books were sold, which was a 25% increase from the previous quarter.

As it stands,  Russia currently ranks 7th in the world for tablet penetration.  With a 36% tablet penetration rate in Russia, it’s not shocking to see that Yandex users searched for tablets 3, 384, 507  times in July 2014 alone.  According to Yandex.Wordstat,  in addition to the search query for “tablet,” search engine users frequently looked up several variations of queries for downloading and playing games on tablets.  In one month, Yandex users searched for games and tablets 382,314 times, while only searching for e-books for tablets 32, 582 times.


While Russians clearly show an interest in tablets in general, we looked further to figure out which tablets are doing the best in the Russian market.  Based on Yandex.Market rankings of the most popular tablet products, the top tablets include multiple versions and sizes of the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  The Sony Xperiea Z2 Tablet and ASUS Nexus 7 also compete well in the Russian online shopping world.

Users have grown accustomed to iOS and Android operating systems that maintain Google apps.  However, in recent tech news, the first ever Yandex.Kit based tablets came onto the scene.  Two Android tablets, Smarto 3GD52i and Smarto 3GDi10 feature Yandex apps instead of Google.  Owners of these new tablets also receive 50GB of free storage on Yandex.Disk.