Russia’s Hot Spots for the Most Photographed Locations

Every day Yandex.Photo users upload about 240 thousand photos on the service.  4% of these photos are uploaded at the actual location where the photo was taken.  Yandex has recorded the most popular locations for photo shoots and compiled them together in this awesome interactive map. The data includes the most popular attractions that were photographed more than 50 times from 2007 to 2014.

The popularity of these attractions isn’t just about how well known it is or the general popularity but also where it is located.  In big cities and at major tourist attractions, there of course more people and with more people, more photos. I mean who doesn’t love a good glamor shot in front of a cathedral?  More of a stadium type of gal myself but Russians are selecting all sorts of awesome spots to snap a photo and save it to the Yandex service.

More Russians are taking and uploading photos in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and some southern regions.  These are of course locations where more people live or come for a relaxing vacation more than other areas across Russia.

Users tend to photograph an event happening in or around one of the select locations, rather than just the building or place itself.  Interestingly, the most photographed places aren’t necessarily the most popular or well-known.  For instance, a small monument next to the marriage registry office may be more popular than a big entrance to a major city.   For these reasons, some basic cultural spots may get photographed more than major historical buildings.


More than anything else Russians are photographing themselves or others at religion sites.  Temples, churches, monasteries, and cathedrals are beating out sporting arenas, monuments, parks, and palaces.  Of course we need to consider that religious buildings are quite frequent around Russia.  Let’s take Yaroslavl for instance, tons of red spots there.

Another thing to consider is the date when some of these places developed, when you select Sochi, you kinda picture a massive orange dot for sports venues.  Well, it’s a new hot spot so there were many photos taken at the Olympics but there are less pictures than I anticipated and most of the international spectators probably we’ren’t uploading on Yandex.Disk.  In time, this will probably draw more attention from locals who are vacationing in the area.


To further investigate for yourself, select a Russian city (sorry the map is in Russian so you’ll have to do your best here) and find out which sights are drawing in the most photos.


This exclusive research was originally posted by Yandex in Russian.