Russia’s Mobile App Downloads Rank Worldwide

With the rise in popularity of smartphones comes the subsequent increase in mobile applications.  As previously reported by Russian Search Marketing, the Russian mobile application market is expected to grow eight times in the next four years.

Currently, Russia’s mobile application download already ranks in the world’s top 10 list of mobile app download share according to eMarketer research.


Like the rest of the tech-obsessed world, Russians turn to mobile applications to solve their everyday needs and entertainment.  The most popular mobile applications include apps for messaging and communication, entertainment and music, social media, news, and navigation and transportation.

Of course several applications can be downloaded without charge but some also come at a small cost of a few dollars. Below is a list of the top mobile application downloads by the most widely used platforms, Android and iOS smartphones.

The top 10 Android free Apps in Russia list is heavily dominated by social media and messaging:



3.What’sApp Messanger



6.Clean Master

7.Bkontakte Music and Video


9.2GIS (2ГИС)

10.Opera Mini


The top 10 iPhone free Apps in Russia maintains a similar list of key mobile application downloads but includes more gaming apps.  Users are still interested in the social media apps Vkontakte and Instagram but with slight variation of their popularity.  Furthermore, the messaging apps Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype are important ways for Russians to communicate on their smartphones.  However it appears, more Android users find their

1.Sleep Talk Recorder



4. Whatsapp Messenger

5.Cars: Fast Like Lighting (Тачки: Быстрые как Молния)

6.MP3 Download for SoundCloud


8.Zombie Highway 2


10.Skype for iPhone


When it comes to purchasing mobile downloads, the vast majority of Russian customers purchase games, especially for iPads.  However, diet and exercise applications also maintain a popular presence in Russia.