Russia’s 10 Most Popular Automobiles

While driving down the streets of Russia you can expect to see an abundance of foreign cars.  However, you will also see many driving the Russian and former Soviet brand Lada on the roads as well.  Despite the emergence of many international players in the Russian automobile industry, Lada still dominates the local market.

According to Yandex.Wordstat data, Lada makes up a quarter of all automobile searches.  While the local brand maintains a significant presence, foreign brands make up the remaining 75% of automobile search queries on Yandex.

Following Lada, two Japanese based brands Nissan and Toyota make up a strong portion of automobile searches with a combined 21%.  Respectively, Nissan and Toyota are the two highest foreign competitors in Russia each maintaining 10% or above of search volume.

Next down the list, Ford just falls short of the 10% mark, with 9% of search volume.  American car companies make up 17% of the search queries for automobiles with Ford coming in slightly above Chevrolet.

The majority of the foreign motor companies draw similar attention from the Russian shoppers with approximately 7% to 8% of the search volume for each respective brand.

The South Korean brands KIA and Hyundai made up 15% of the total searches, while UK-based Renault and German Volkswagen each maintain an equally important presence in the Russian market.

Although BMW has a lower search volume at 7% of Russians’ automobile queries, it proves to be the lone luxury brand automobile manufacturer to make the top 10 list for Russians.

Yandex top 10 most popular automobile brands in Russia