Russians’ Top Searches for The Best Deals Online 2015

15-20% of Yandex search queries are related to goods and services.  Most frequently users search for the products and services they want by entering the name without qualifiers like  “iPhone 6” or “бутсы Adidas” [cleats Adidas].  However, some queries are a bit more specific when it comes to finding cheaper goods. Such examples include “washing machine buy cheap in Moscow” [стиральная машина купить дешево в москве], “tow truck cheap Spb” [эвакуатор дешево спб].  These queries make up .1% of all queries on Yandex.

There are a few specific categories in which users are trying to be especially economical in their searches and not just doing price comparisons. The categories include airplane and train tickets, furniture, clothing, and medicine.  These categories are frequently searched with the terms cheap and inexpensive.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Yandex users least frequently search for cheap or inexpensive automobiles.  Sporting goods, women’s handbags, and men’s watches are also categories where users are less concerned about finding a low price.

Yandex search for inexpensive goods

Over the course of the year from March 2014 to March 2015, the share of searches for cheap goods remained steady.  There was practically no change in the list of the most popular goods and services searched with the term “cheap.”  However, there was some fluctuation in the volume for searches with these select categories.

The share of searches for cheap medicine grew seven times over the course of the year.  People are searching for comparison of generic forms of expensive medications.  Medicine can be purchased directly from the pharmacy in Russia and prescriptions from doctors are not required.  Low-cost apartments, home appliances, and inexpensive apartment rentals all increased over the course of the year.

Searches for cheap taxis and hotel accommodations had the biggest decrease in the amount of searches over the course of the year.  This could be due to users utilizing new apps for taxis like Yandex.Taxi or Uber and knowing that they can check prices of hotels through booking sites and aggregators that organize prices for them.


Users aren’t just searching for inexpensive goods but also turn to Yandex to find out ways to save in other areas of their lives.  Russians’ top searches for advice include searches for reducing the cost of utilities – gas, water, electricity, as well as the cost of a groceries, repairing their homes, and weddings.

Modified from original Yandex research and blog [in Russian] May 2015.