Where and When Russians Take Smartphone & Tablet Photos

Smartphones and tablets use in Russia is on the rise, as more and more people prefer smartphones and tablets to access the Internet.  More than half of Russian Internet users access the Internet through a mobile device.  Smartphone use in expected to more than double by 2019, while there should be five times as many tablets in use in Russia four years from now.  Currently, Russia ranks 7th worldwide for tablet penetration, ahead of the US, Hong Kong, and Spain.

Beyond playing games, messaging, and using social apps, many use their smartphones and tablets to take and upload photos.  Every day users upload millions of photos to Yandex.Disk from their mobile devices.  Especially while on vacation, smartphones and tablets provide great entertainment and a useful way to capture memories and quickly save them to the cloud.


Yandex research analysts recently compiled data from 2014 and 2015 to provide information on the most popular locations and times that Russians are taking photos on their smartphones and tablets.  Every third Yandex.Disk user specifies a location for their photo upload, providing data for analysts to assess which days of the week and where in the world users are uploading their photos from phones and tablets.

It’s quite evident that the locations and seasons in the map below show that a strong number of Yandex.Disk users upload their photos while on vacation.  The map provides different views for each season, also giving a good sense for the most popular seasonal vacation destinations for Russians and other Yandex users.  During the winter, users tend to post more photos from Southeast Asia.  A significant amount of photos from European locations on the Black Sea and Mediterranean sea  are seen during the summer months.  A lot of photos are taken in popular Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian cities during both the winter and summer.

More specifically, the most photos are taken during holidays.  The biggest day of the year for photos is the New Year holiday.  On December 31, 2014, somewhere near 12% of photos were uploaded by users.  The next two most popular days for photos were September 1st and May 9th.  September 1st marks the first day of school in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe, known as the “First Bell.” May 9th celebrates Soviet  “Victory Day” over Nazi Germany in 1945.  Approximately 9% of Yandex users upload their First Bell and Victory Day photos.  Beyond these three major holidays, Saturdays during the summer and fall prove to be the most popular days for people to be snapping and uploading photos.


Overall, warmer months tend to yield a few more photos shoots than the winter time.  Yandex.Disk users on mobile devices shows far less disparity between weekday and weekend behavior in comparison with the share of photos taken. Weekends are certainly a more popular time for users to be uploading photos but a strong portion of users are still active during the week.