Russian Search Activity by Devices 2016 Part 1

Russia’s Internet audience is one of the largest in Europe. According to eMarketer, 64.2% of Russia’s population will use the Internet in 2016. Over the last few years Russia’s Internet user basee has continued to increase significantly. Although Russia has approximately 83 million Internet users, only a little over half of Russia’s population is online, meaning there is room to grow! Thanks to connectivity on mobile devices, Russians have more ways to access the Internet.

Russians are searching differently from certain devices.  As we all practice ourselves, a search from pour phone may be different from the common searches we conduct from our work computer or tablet. Yandex research analysts recently utilized Yandex.Metrica, Yandex’s free web analytics, to better assess how Russian users are searching by device type.  In looking at Russian search activity by devices for 2016, we learn a lot about variation of Russian searches.

Computers are the most common way Russians are accessing the Internet to enter search queries. 84% of Russia’s daily Internet users are accessing the Internet with their computers. 59% are using their mobile phone, and 35% are using a tablet to conduct searches on the Internet. The Yandex.Metrica research below also shows that computers have the highest amount of click-throughs at 69%. Compared to phones at 23%, and tablets at 35%.


Computers have the highest percentage of all queries, at about 24%. Following closely behind are tablets at 23%. 19% of all queries are made on phones. When searching on computers, tablets, and phones, the most common way to search for a site is by name. The second most common way to search for a website on all these devices is by type. The least popular way to search on all the devices is by website address.


Computers have the most weekday search queries per user and the highest percentage of daily shares of the weekly audience. Tablets and phones have about the same percentage of daily share of the weekly audience, around 40%.


Phones have the highest percentage of queries as questions at 9%. Phones also have the highest percentage of informational queries of all queries, at about 36%. This is not surprising, because phones serve as a convenient tool for searching when out and about.

According to eMarketer, 80.3% of Russians will use Internet on their mobile phone in 2016. Computers and tablets are used less when queries are questions, out of all queries as questions both are at about 2.5%. They both do have a higher percentage of informational queries of all quieres, computers at 29% and tablets at 34%.


Russians are also using different devices depending on the area of the Internet they are searching for. For personal affairs, the most common device Russians are using to search is a tablet. Phones are the most popular of devices used when searching about education. Computers are the most commonly used device when searching about rest, recreation, and work.


Clearly, Russians like the rest of us use their devices for different needs. Phones are the most popular way to search for answers to their questions. While overall the most popular device used to enter search queries is the computer. Although tablets are not the most most sued device to access Yandex for search, Russians are using them the most to search about personal affairs. Check in next week for part 2 of this blog post with more detailed research on the actual queries by device.