Local content dominates Russians’ huge online video consumption

Accessing videos online and through a number of platforms has made Russian Internet (RUNet) users’ media consumption more accessible and easier to use.

Recently researched data comparing RUNet users’ online video watching behavior from 2012 to 2014 offers useful insight on the way video consumption has changed and grown in popularity.

Here is a breakdown of the key findings:


The top viewers search and use Russian language on the Internet to access videos from the following top 5 countries:

1. Russia





In 2012, Russia and Ukraine still maintained the top spots for online RUNet video viewers but the next consecutive positions went to Belarus, Latvia, and Kazakhstan.  In the overall top 10 list for both years, Moldova, Estonia, Georgia and Germany fell to the bottom half of the list with some variation. However, in both years Germany was the 10th largest country from which Russian speakers were accessing online videos.


Sports channels top user consumption and has nearly doubled over the past two years.  Based on the average viewing time, users watched approximately 42 minutes of sports per day in 2014 as opposed to 21 minutes per day in 2012.  On average users spent 29.5 minutes per day watching travel channels and 29 minutes per day watching music channels.  While interest in travel channels only rose by 4 minutes per day, music channel viewing jumped from 16.5 minutes to 29.

The daily duration of news viewing rose from 13.5 minutes per day to 20.5.  Time spent watching regional channels was the only interest that dropped, which was from 11 to 7 minutes per day.  Overall, the amount of time spent viewing video online rose from 2012 to 2014. Users watched 1.7 hours of online video per day in 2012 and 2.45 hours per day in 2014.


Sunday proves to be the most popular day of the week when RUNet users are watching videos online.  The following show the peak times for viewing on an average day:

10:00 am – Arrival at work

2:00 pm – The middle of the lunch break

7:00 pm – End of the work day


The following cities produced the most RUNet video viewers in 2012 and 2014:


2. St. Petersburg



PCs remain the most popular method for watching online video, however, this as dropped by nearly 20% as more people are accessing video on their mobile devices. Android use jumped from 3% to 13.2%, while iOS doubled from 6% to 12.2%.  Smart TVs and Window’s phones, which had very minimal use in 2012 are used by 3.2% and 1.3% of users respectively.

The data and information from this article was researched by CDNVideo, it was organized into a Russian info-graphic by The Runet. CDN repeated a study which was conducted in 2012 and analyzed different aspects of the way people watch videos on the Russian Internet, otherwise known as RUNet.  The study compares results from 2012 and 2014 to show the growth and change in RUNet user behavior.