Russian Women’s Day Shopping 2018

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! Today around the world we are celebrating the accomplishments and importance of women.  The holiday is celebrated differently in each country or by each organization. As published in a blog by Yandex, the Russians are celebrating with a public holiday and offering congratualtions to friends, family, and colleagues with cards and flowers.

In addition to commemorating female trailblazers and the future of women professionally, as Yandex and many other tech companies recognized, the holiday is also a day for giving gifts.  Unlike many other locations, in Russia this is one of the biggest giftgiving holidays and also a big day for flowers.

Similar to the way the Yandex research team analyzed the gift giving component of the recent Men’s Day holiday, they have done the same for March 8th, in addition to publishing keywords associated with the two holidays.

Russian Search Marketing takes you through some of the research to learn more about expectations for Russian Women’s Day shopping 2018.  The Yandex research team polled users on today’s holiday by asking about their shopping patterns, spend, and gifts. The poll was conducted from the 26th of February to the 1st of March 2018 with apprxiamtely 2000 respondents in Russia age 18 to 55. The below graphics show results from the recent research on the holiday.

Similar to Men’s Day, people start their shopping a few weeks out but it peaks the day before the holiday.

According to the research, 87% of men and 85% of women planned to give gifts on the holiday with the majority of people planning to their mothers, spouses, female realtives, and friends. Every 5th resspondent planned to spend from three to five thousands roubles or $52-$87.

The research showed that budgets ranged by region.  Residents of Moscow have a signficiantly higher budget, while respondents in lower population cities share a similar budget.

When it comes to items they want, women predominately want flowers and jewelry.

Men planned to deliver on the flowers but jewelry wasn’t a potential gift compared to cosmesticsand perfume and others.

Similar to the Men’s Day research there is some overlap between what each sex wants for the respective holidays and the main gifts given but there are also a disparity among the gifts wanted and gifts people planned to give.