Russian Video Game Revenues

Gaming continued to be one of Russia’s biggest industries.  Russia’s gaming market yields a total revenue of 1.4 billion dollars, making it the largest market for video games in Eastern Europe. According to Newzoo, Russia comes in 12th place on the list of top 100 countries by game revenues. Russia’s 2016 gaming revenue ranks simlarly to Canada, Brazil, and Italy at an average close to 1.5 billion USD.  A typical Russian online gamer spends $40.95 per year on online gaming that includes games, accessories, or in-app purchases.  This blog looks at video game spend in Russia by devices.

Russian Video Game Revenues by device:

With the increase of technology and its capabilities, Russians have a variety of devices they can play on. The three devices that are responsible for Russia’s growing game revenue include desktops and laptops, mobile devices, and consoles. Desktops and laptops bring in the 44% of Russia’s game revenue, making them the most popular gaming devices. When playing on a desktop or laptop Russians have access to Internet games as well as downloadable games. This means that Russians have access to a greater variety on this gaming platform, and are not limited to the games they have bought for their console, or what is available to them as a mobile app on their phones or tablets. Also, the majority of Russian online gaming traffic comes from desktop devices.


Approximately 34% of Russian video game revenues comes from mobile devices. The accessible and affordable nature of mobile gaming makes the smartphone platform a convenient option for Russian gamers. Mobile Internet access is also likely driving the surge in mobile use in Russia. There are higher mobile game installs on Android devices compared to iOS devices in Russia. Android devices are more popular than iOS devices in Russia because they are more affordable. Therefore, the mobile game industries success with Android devices does not come as a surprise.

Consoles bring in 22% of Russia’s game revenue, making them the lowest contributor. Consoles have probably slightly decreased in gaming popularity because they are not mobile, making them less convenient and transferable between devices. It is more expensive to buy a console, as well as the games for it. Still consoles still bring a considerable amount to Russia’s game revenue. This means that Russian gamers are willing to put money in to play games exclusive to consoles.


The majority of Russian video game revenues come from desktop and laptops, while mobile devices are the second biggest contributor.  As seen elsewhere, the Internet is changing the game for this industry. Similarly, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and Russia is not an exception.  The industry grew by half a billion over the past year thanks to its 70 million gamers.