Russian Trending Categories Online: Auto Sales

Recently Russian Search Marketing played with a beta version of  user interest tool by Yandex that evaluates  Yandex’s trending categories for Russian online users by topic, region, and device. The tool shows a variation in a number of topics, much like we expect with lots of seasonality factors impacting user interest.  We conducted our research during mid September to early October in the auto category, evaluating how user interest varies on mobile devices and PCs.

Auto Parts:

The category that had the biggest spike in user interest most recently was auto parts, with a 41% increase in user interest. User interest is greater on mobile devices compared to PCs. On mobile devices, user interest each week has steadily increased over the past weeks, with a 67.06% increase this past week. PC user interest in auto parts is not a steady ride but fluctuating.  As of this week November 6, 2017, Auto parts show a 22% increase.

Auto Sales:

Relating to auto parts, another Russian trending category is auto sales. Auto sales has had a 17% increase in user interest. Auto sales user interest is one of the only trending categories that experiences very similar user interest on both PCs and mobile devices. User interest in auto sales began to increase in mid September, and continues to rise into early October. During the week of October 13th, 2017,  user interest increased by 16.05% in Moscow on PCs.


When looking at the entire scope of trending categories in Moscow on mobile devices versus PCs, it appears that users are more interested on looking into large item sales on their mobile devices rather than a PC. For example, houses for sale, auto parts, and electronics. These items are all much larger items, when considering much smaller purchases can be made online. Such as clothes and shoes. The growth of mobile Internet in Russia is having a strong impact on RuNet.  Russian mobile Internet users will continue to influence the direction of online businesses.