Russian Tourism Summer 2015

Summer is upon us and we are all scheduling our vacation days and holiday trips.  For school children in Russia summer set in about a month ago with the ringing of the “last bell,” a special holiday tradition that ends each school year.  The rest of Russia is now getting into the swing of summer fun!

As locals search for their ideal vacation, Yandex.Travel collected data to provide businesses with more insight on Russians’ summer travel plans.  Users go to Yandex.Travel to search for their travel needs, compare prices, and then make their purchases through third party sites.

Many of the summer travelers who opt to travel by train prefer to purchase package tours that include hotel prices, transportation, and transfer fees. Russians are drawn to package tours because they tend to be cheaper and easier than individual bookings.

Russians aren’t really last minute planners.  Russians tend to book their vacations at least a month in advance of the trip.  According to data from April and May 2015, on average Russians book their trips 36 days prior to the planned date of departure. However, travelers from the following four Siberian cities book even further in advance by 47-50 days: Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Krasnoyarsk and Omsk.

The further away people plan to travel, the longer they tend to extend their vacation. When traveling to popular destinations Turkey and Egypt, Russians spend about 8-9 days there.  Users going to Thailand and Vietnam typically book a holiday for 10-11 days.  Some of the shortest trips to foreign cities include Paris and Prague.  Russians usually stay for about one week in these locations.

Russians interest in various destinations depends on the season. During the April-May period, Russians have a less interest in going to Egypt, Thailand, UAE and Cyprus.  Rather, during this period people would rather visit resorts in Turkey, Greece, Montenegro and Russia.

The following list compiled by Yandex.Travel shows that there is little variation in by city of origin for the countries Russian tourists select to visit.  What Yandex.Travel found is that the resorts users want to visit fluctuate by selections from residents of different cities. resort searches may 2015

For the most part, Russians are interested in a few key locations for their summer travel plans.  Undoubtedly, Russians want to be near the seaside where they can relax and enjoy the sun and water.  Turkey, Egypt, and Russia are the three top countries for Russian tourism and most are interested in the same resort cities but the popularity varies by the users’ city of origin.