Russian Summer Travel Insights 2016

Summer time but especially the month of August proves to be the best time for many to take a vacation.  Russians, among many other travelers, take trips both domestically and internationally for summer holidays before their children go back to school and business slows down.

During the summer, beach vacations are especially popular. Some of the most popular destinations for Russian travelers include Turkey and Thailand. Russians also may travel to the United States during the summer. The most popular U.S. destinations for Russia include New York, California, Florida, and Nevada. These destinations include a mix of beaches and popular tourist cities.

Traveling domestically is another option Russian’s have for summer vacation. The benefit of traveling domestically is the more affordable options of train travel. In addition to local trips to hotels or resorts, Russians also often travel to their dacha, a vacation cottage that is usually no further than an hour away from their homes on the outskirts of cities. With dacha season in full effect by end of spring and early summer, Russians can enjoy a more low key vacation and relax with family and friends.

Recent keyword search data from Yandex.Wordstat shows that in the months leading up to summer, travel searches naturally increase. Similarly, Yandex.Travel, one of Russia’s travel aggregators, recently published statistics on their users’ travel queries from the end of June to early July.


One set of data shows significant spike in Russian’s interest in traveling to Turkey.  Turkey is a popular destination for Russians because there are frequent flights and lots of accommodations for Russian speakers.   Aside from Turkey, Russians searched for trips to Thailand, Crimea, and Sochi which all offer affordable beach vacations for some fun in the sun.


In relation to the increased interest in trips to Turkey, Russian tour operators also started offering more Turkish hotels to interested travelers. The offers slightly drop during the night but otherwise remain an around the clock option to those booking their vacations.  Hotel offers in Alanya offer travelers the most options compared to other popular tourist destinations.


In conjunction with a higher supply of Turkish hotels being offered to Russian tourists, prices started to slightly decline.  The average minimum price for a two person vacation over the course of a few days drops by about 15% or $200 USD. On average, these prices are more affordable than vacations in Greece but more than a local stay for two in Sochi.

The more affordable options and price drops are likely drawing more Russian travels to take last minute unplanned trips. Russians will continue to travel for the next few weeks before returning for the first bell!