Russian Summer Travel & Activity 2017

Russian summer travel is an exciting time for families and working professionals! Summer is a popular time for Russians to go on vacation, especially the month of August. Russians, among many other travelers during this time of the year, take trips both domestically and internationally for summer holidays when business slows down, and before the next school year begins for children. We looked at the current top sea and beach destinations on Yandex.Travel to get insight on the most popular destinations for Russians vacationing this summer. We also consulted Guru Turizma, a Russian travel site, to see what research and suggestions they are offering for the summer holiday season.

Russian Summer Travel Destinations Abroad

During the summer as well as many other popular travel periods for Russians, beach vacations are especially popular. For travel abroad, some of the top places recommended on Yandex.Travel for Russians to go this summer are seaside destinations in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Abkhazia, Spain, and Italy. We searched for Yandex.Travel beach vacation options and filtered them by popularity.

Guru Turizma compiled a list of the top 9 destinations for Russians looking to be on the water this August. Bulgaria is their top recommendation because of it’s well known resorts and beaches, and affordable prices. Bulgaria also offers many perks such as yacht travel, dolphinariums, and water parks to visit.

Greece is the second destination recommended by Guru Turizma. Besides the excellent weather and beaches, Greece also offers tours of their ancient history of well-known attractions. The Dominican Republic comes in third as the top destination to visit this August. Opportunities to try more extreme sports like diving and surfing are available. Spain comes in fourth place for summer travel destinations. The Mediterranean beaches make it a popular destination. According to Guru Turizma, health perks such as mineral springs and healing mud also make it a popular destination. There are also many famous festivals and gatherings during the summer, especially in Ibiza.

Italy is Guru Turizma’s fifth recommendation. Not only are their five seas to choose from for resort locations, but Italy also has many water parks, as well as fishing and diving opportunities. Beyond these 5 destinations, Guru Turizma also recommended Cyprus, Tunisia, Turkey, and Bali.

Russian Summer Travel Domestic Destinations

Traveling domestically is another option Russian’s have for summer vacation. The benefit of traveling domestically is the more affordable options of train travel. Popular Russian domestic summer travel destinations on Yandex.Travel include Anapa,  Gelendzhik, and Sochi. In addition to local trips to hotels or resorts, Russians also often travel to their dacha, a vacation cottage that is usually no further than an hour away from their homes on the outskirts of cities. With dacha season in full effect by end of spring and early summer, Russians can enjoy a more low key vacation and relax with family and friends.