Russian Online Shopping: Top 10 E-Retailers & Top 10 Shopping Categories

Based on eMarketer’s research on the top retail sites in Russia, users turn to both domestic and international sites to do their online shopping.  The large Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba operates by far the most popular online retail site in Russia, AliExpress.  Save for eBay, though, most of the popular shopping sites in Russia are homegrown companies.  While the most popular sites are general retail sites that could all claim to be the “Amazon of Russia,” a number of the sites support the brick and mortar operations of Russian companies, particularly consumer electronics firms.  Others specialize in apparel, the second most popular online retail category in Russia.

When it comes to Russian online shopping,  60% of users decide on purchases based on the low prices offered.  However, 24% of users are willing to pay more for goods that are produced by brands they know.  For Russian online shoppers, 17% find the reputation of the retail site to be important when making their purchase.  This blog outlines the top retail sites and the 2015 top categories for online purchases.

Top Retail Sites

Based on unique visitors in July 2015, the following ten retail sites rank as Russia’s most popular.  Keep in mind that several online purchases for summer vacation and other seasonal needs were purchased earlier in May and June.  July starts the shopping period


Many of these major shopping aggregators serve as a great way to enter the Russian market.  Major brands find it easy to supply their product feed to the aggregators that already serve a lot of traffic for Russian shoppers.  Users are familiar with many major brands but sometimes they learn to trust them by finding and buying their products on some of Russia’s top shopping sites.  The following breakdown outlines the top three retail sites: Alibaba, Yandex, and Ozon.


Alibaba is a large Chinese firm that operates businesses in a number of e-commerce fields, but they are best known for their online retail sites.  In Russia, Alibaba’s online store of AliExpress is the most popular shopping site in the country.  The website is organized like most online shopping portals, with visitors greeted with a sidebar of product categories and a front page of popular sales.  Clothing and accessories appear to be particularly popular on AliExpress, though the site sells thousands of products in a number of other categories as well.  There are over 4.4 million searches of “AliExpress” every month, and the site’s growing popularity is aided by dedicated apps for Android and iOS.



It should come as little surprise that the preeminent web services firm in Russia has a popular e-commerce portal.  Yandex operates the second most popular retail site in the country, Yandex.Market.  The site offers a friendly online shopping interface which conveniently organizes products into popular categories like consumer electronics, computers, household appliances, home and garden, and more.  Consumers can buy products directly on Yandex.Market or compare prices among a number of partner sites.  Customers can also shop for products using the Yandex.Market Android and iOS apps.



Ozon may be less familiar to non-Russian web users than Alibaba and Yandex, but is a trailblazer for Russian e-commerce.  The site was one of the first retail sites in Russia and continues to dominate the industry, claiming to account for 51% of all online sales in the regions of Russia and 48% of sales in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  The site is organized in a manner similar to Yandex.Market, though books, which account for about a third of Ozon’s sales, are given particular prominence.  As with AliExpress and Yandex.Market, Ozon offers customers popular Android and iOS apps to facilitate the shopping experience.

Retail Categories

The average amount a user spends online shopping in Russia during the year is €671. Comparatively, users in Austria spend the most at €2,361. Central European shoppers spend an average of €818.


The top categories for Russian shoppers have remained relatively stable, and are quite similar to Western trends.  Consumer electronics is the most popular category, and covers a broad range of products from televisions and cameras to mobile phones and video game systems.  The fourth most popular retail site in Russia is the online business of a large electronics chain in Russia, M.Video.  The popular website for the store supplements the company’s 368 physical locations in 158 cities.  DNS, with the seventh most visited retail site, is another electronics chain in Russia that operates a popular website to support its retail presence, as is Eldorado.

Apparel is the second most popular category, and includes clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.  A number of Russia’s popular retail sites, such as Lamoda and Wildberries, specialize in selling apparel.  Russians have become adept at searching out the best deal, hence why comparison shopping has become the third most popular use for online retail sites.  Computer hardware and software are both popular shopping categories, which comes as little surprise as more Russians become active Internet users.  The growing popularity of online gaming in Russia also helps to explain the interest in computer products.

Home goods, healthcare, sporting goods, and cosmetics round out the ten most popular retail categories in Russia.  Were fragrances/cosmetics to be combined with apparel, they would surpass consumer electronics to form the most popular online retail category.