Russian Online Holiday Shopping 2016

The Russian holiday season is fast approaching, and similar to the US and Europe, holiday gift shopping usually begins around late November. In the United States, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often the driving force to begin holiday shopping. Russia has followed this seasonal shopping trend in recent years. According to Global Retail Insights Network, a third of Russian holiday shoppers turn to the Internet for gift ideas and to make these purchases, 14% of Russian shoppers search online but then purchase in stores. While these promotional sales kicks off their holiday shopping, Russia’s biggest gift giving day is the January 1st, the Russian New Year, which means gift shopping goes on well into December in Russia. In comparison to the United States, where gift giving begins mid December and returns are usually made before the New Year, the Russian shopping period extends a few weeks longer.

Russian online holiday shopping

Promokodabry has created a list of the 10 most popular products Russians wanted to buy during Black Friday. Based on over 45000 shoppers on Black Friday, the research asked shoppers which items they wanted the most. The most popular product was a smart phone. The most popular models were IPhones 6s and 5s, which is actually odd considering androids have consistently shown to be more successful in Russia, being that they are the more affordable smart phone option.

The second most popular product was a game console. Popular models Russians are using include the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gaming is one of Russia’s biggest industries. The Russian gaming market yields a total revenue of 1.4 billion dollars, which makes the desirability of a gaming console for a holiday gift no surprise.


Other popular items that made the list included perfume, which came in sixth place. Chanel perfume is the most popular, but other designer names made the perfume list including Nina Ricci, Dior, and Givenchy. Running shoes came in seventh on the list. Popular brands of sneakers in Russian include Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. Kids related items were at the bottom of the list, including children’s clothing in ninth place, and Legos in tenth place.

What Russians are giving

Yandex.Market,  Russia’s top online shopping aggregator, created a whole section of their website dedicated to New Year gift shopping for Russian online shoppers.  This includes recommendations of what to buy a person based on their general age and gender, or the relation of the person to the shopper, such as a colleague or friend.


Popular items recommended for women include beauty products such as hairdryers, and makeup bags. Coffee makers, handbags, and fitness equipment were also mentioned.

Gift recommendations for men include tools, virtual reality technology, laptops, and electric razors.Gifts suggestions for girls include toys, such as dollhouses and toy kitchens and beauty supplies. Boy gift suggestions include toy trains, table hockey, and transformer action figures.


Clearly, holiday gifts are not much different then what people are asking for and giving in other parts of the world, ranging from practical gifts to fun products shoppers may never buy for themselves. Like always, the hot items change from year to year but the latest tech and clothing trends always prove to be popular gifts.