Russian Mobile Gaming: Stats & Downloads

Russian mobile gaming is continuing to drive the growth of the online gaming industry in Russia.  According to eMarketer, Russia ranks 12th in the world for video game revenue at $1.3 billion in 2015, following Spain, Italy, and Brazil that are all driving in around $1.5 billion respectively.  A typical Russian online gamer spends $40.95 per year on online gaming. For many Russian gamers those purchases includes games, accessories, or in-app purchases.

Based on research conducted by AppAnnie, over the past few years spending on mobile games surpassed spend for online gaming and consoles worldwide. The accessibility, mobility, affordability, and interaction of mobile games makes the smartphone platform an intriguing gaming option for users around the world. Mobile Internet access is also likely driving the surge in mobile use.

Gaming trends worldwide

The AppAnnie study also reported that games are over 80% of total worldwide consumer spend for  iOS App Store and Google Play despite a slight decline in their combined share of downloads, from about 40% to 38%, in 2015. The study also showed that games made up a larger share of Google Play’s consumer spending compared to iOS. However,  consumers spent more on games from iOS than they did from Google Play.

Specifically in Russia, mobile game installs are far higher on Android devices. Following the worldwide trends, Russian mobile gaming has more app installations from Android at 86% and only 11% on iOS.  Generally, Android proves to be a more popular platform for Russian mobile internet users so the structure of the mobile game scene isn’t a surprise.  Russian users prefer Android over iOS due to less expensive smartphones offered by Android, resulting  in Android use being almost double iOS use on smartphones. However, Russians prefer iPads over Android tablets.


The below AppAnnie May 2016 list of top game downloads for Russian Android users shows an overwhelming interest in international apps. The majority of free apps also include options for in-app purchase options.

Russian mobile gaming Google play

Many of the current Android game installs in Russia overlap with those of iOS but interestingly iOS users prefer more local apps compared to their counterparts who use Android. Multiple versions of Angry Birds makes the Russian iOS users distinct from the top free and paid apps for Android.

Russian mobile gaming iOS

Russian mobile gamers are willing to pay anywhere from $00.20 to $6.99 for their mobile apps. As more Russian users purchase smartphones and access the Internet through their mobile devices, the Russian mobile gaming industry is sure to grow.