Russia’s 5th most popular occasion for gift giving is approaching quickly! February 23rd is an important Russian holiday that celebrates all men and recognizes veterans.

The holiday is known by Russians as “Red Army Day” or the “Day of Fatherland Defenders,” mainly celebrating those who have served in the Russian Armed Forces.  However, the holiday has also evolved into a more general celebration for men in Russia that is highly commercialized and known as “Men’s Day.”


Surely wives, daughters, sisters, and female colleagues will be wishing the men in their lives a special day a week from Monday. Traditionally, women give men cards and small gifts as a token of their appreciation. Picture Father’s Day type gifts like new razors, shaving cream, cologne, socks, ties, and hats. Russians even joke that the day should be renamed “National Shaving Cream Day.” Still, there is a Russian twist and giving a man tea is also common practice.

Russians observe this holiday by closing schools and businesses to allow people to recognize the men in their lives with a nice meal and quality time together. Interestingly, one of the mot common queries for the holiday is “scenarios.” Several websites are dedicated to offering ideas for skits, games, and special holiday planning depending on the group of people and the environment.  For instance, there are some funny skits for adults but also activities to teach children about the holiday and its tradition in a memorable way.

Popular Keywords for Russian Men’s Day:

For those e-Commerce businesses that are looking to attract holiday shoppers, here is a list of some of the most popular keywords associated with the February 23rd Russian holiday.  Since this holiday is referred to in multiple ways, it is important to consider all possible queries related to the day.

  • 23 февраля (February 23rd)
  • День мужчин (Day of Men)
  • День защитников Отечества (Day of Fatherland Defenders)
  • День Красной Армии (Day of Red Army *FYI:this is least commonly searched)
  • подарки на 23 февраля мужчинам (Gifts for men on February 23rd)
  • поздравления +на 23 февраля (Congratulations +23rd of February)
  • поздравления +с днем мужчин (Congratulations +Men’s Day)
  • сценарий +на 23 февраля (Scenarios +23rd of February)
  • сценарий + День защитников Отечества (Scenarios +Day of Fatherland Defenders)

Fun fact for Russian Ad Copies:

Instead of wishing someone a “Happy Holiday,” directly translated, Russians say, “Congratulations with the holiday!” Often times the phrase is shortened and someone will either say “Congratulations” or simply “with the holiday” “with birthday” or “with men’s day.” Therefore, the term “congratulations” is going to get you a bit further than “happy.” Interestingly, a machine translation of “with men’s day” (с днем мужчин) translates to “happy men.” Careful!

Popular Advertisements for Russian Men’s Day:

While searching for the holiday on, users will notice a number of ads. To give you an idea of local ads, here are some of the most popular items being advertised and common words used in ad copies:

  • T-shirts and other clothing items
  • Tickets and reservations to local concerts and events on February 23rd celebrating men
  • Monogrammed male oriented gift items like coffee or beer mugs
  • Soldier themed gift items
  • Appropriate gifts for colleagues