Russian mCommerce Update 2017

Similar to other parts of the world, mobile devices are becoming the dominant way to access the Internet in Russia. The rise of mobile devices has led to an increase in mCommerce. This blog shares an overall assessment on Russian mCommerce in 2017 utilizing multiple research sources.  

For many of us, the accessibility to the Internet on our mobile devices makes it easy to shop online while on the go. It was predicted by eMarketer that 80.3% of Russians would use the Internet on their mobile device in 2016. Research on the Runet in 2016 showed that Russians used their mobile devices to access the Internet more often than desktops and tablets.

Russian Search Marketing recently looked at how Russians’ shop on their smartphones according to new research by Nielsen, a global information, data and measurement company. According to the Nielsen survey, 66% of Russians use mobile devices to look up product information, 56% to compare prices and 48% to look for coupons or deals. Russians are hesitant to actually purchase on their mobile devices, because they still are a bit wary of online shopping. 36% of respondents of the Nielsen survey were not sure about the safety of online banking operations.


In 2016, 22% of eCommerce transactions in Russia were made on mobile devices. A Yandex Market and GfK Rus study on the recent developments of the Russian online shopping market showed that Russians’ favorite device to online shop on was desktops . Smartphones are the second most popular device to online shop on.The main reason many Russians shop online is because it saves time and money. There also is the opportunity to buy a product that may not be available in local stores. Russians commonly shop abroad for specific items, mostly clothing and shoes. Other products Russian online shoppers tend to buy from foreign online stores include baby products, cosmetics, and home and garden goods. According to eMarketer, 55% of Russia’s mCommerce was made on smartphones. 45% of Russia’s mCommerce came from online shopping on tablets.

The convenience and growing reliance on mobile devices makes mCommerce growth in Russia, and in the rest of the world an obvious result. While desktops are still the most popular device for Russian’s to shop on, mCommerce in Russia will continue to grow with the increase of Russian trust in mobile devices in Russia. Adjustment to each individual mobile market is crucial for online retailers’ success. mCommerce players should be aware of the customer demographics, common retail habits and preferences, and common practices of both local and foreign retailers of each market in order to effectively transition into a foreign market.