Russian mCommerce Research Report

Similar to other parts of the world, mobile devices are becoming the dominant way to access the Internet in Russia. The rise of mobile devices has led to an increase in mCommerce – mobile shopping. Yandex Market, Russia’s leading online shopping aggregator, and GfK Ru, a market and consumer information company, researched the latest developments on Russian mobile purchases. Data was collected using an online survey of Russian online shoppers during Autumn 2016. The study surveyed 2,022 online mobile consumers living in Russian cities between the ages of 16 to 55.

Russian mCommerce Statistics

36% of Russian Internet users shopped online in 2016. About a third of those shoppers used their mobile device to make a purchase. While Russians are not always necessarily making the purchase on their smartphones, they are definitely using their smartphones to choose products they are interested in purchasing. According to the survey, 58% of Russian consumers shop on their mobile devices daily as a source of entertainment. Just browsing online shops has become more popular than playing a game or watching a video on your mobile device. About three quarters of Russian shoppers that browse and select products on their mobile devices will then make the purchase on their mobile device. Women’s shopping behavior tends to be different- they make 75% of Russian mobile purchases.

Russians are not making bigger purchases on their smartphones though. The higher in price a product is, the less likely Russian online shoppers will buy it on their mobile device. 47% of Russians have used their phone to browse and select a large domestic appliance, but only 20% have actually placed an order for a large domestic appliance on their mobile device. Russian online shoppers are more likely to purchase items on their mobile device if the products are one they buy often, or from a category they have made purchases from. Desktops are still the most popular device for Russian’s to shop on, but mobile purchasing in Russia will continue to grow with the increase of Russian trust in mobile devices in Russia.

Top Russian Mobile Purchases

The most popular items Russians browse for on their mobile devices include electronics like telephones, smartphones, and tablets. Russians also like to browse for children’s items, large home appliances, cosmetics, and health care. The most popular category Russians will actually purchase from on their mobile devices are handicrafts. The second most popular category Russians will purchase on their smart phones is food and beverages. Cosmetics, perfume, clothing, and footwear are also items that Russian will purchase on their mobile device.

As Russians become more comfortable making larger purchases on their mobile devices, mCommerce in Russia will continue to grow.